June, 2024

Cannabinoids have been around ever since the dawn of civilization and have been cultivated in the form of plants basically since the first crops took place. The two biggest parts of a cannabis plant are presented by the cannabinoids called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). They are very similar in terms of chemical relations but their effects couldn’t be further apart. THC is a known psychoactive compound and is used for recreational use. It has addiction and withdrawal symptoms associated with it. CBD, on the other hand isn’t as psychoactive and helps with an array of medical conditions without the usual side effects conventional drugs bring with them. The way CBD is taken today is in the form of hemp oil or cbd drops. In this guide we will show you some of the best cbd drops and tinctures as well as give you all the necessary tips and information you need to make the right choice when buying your first CBD product.

Before we head into the actual guide, we want to show you what we think are some of the best cbd products on the market right now. We have handpicked eight CBD drops and given them all individual reviews and score in order to help you choose better. First, let’s start with a comparison chart between them all.

Top CBD Drops Comparison Chart

ProductCBD AmountTastePriceRating
CBDPure Hemp Oil
cbdpure hemp oil
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300 mgNatural Flavor$$5/5
Diamond CBD Hemp Oil
diamond cbd hemp oil review
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500 mgUnflavored$$$$4.5/5
R&R Medicinals Hemp Oil
R and R medicinals hemp oil review
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300 mgPeppermint$4.5/5
Pure Hemp Botanicals
pure hemp botanicals cbd tincture review
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1500 mgNatural Flavor$$$$$5/5
Vibe Hemp Oil
vibe hemp oil
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250 mgPeppermint$4.5/5

The Top Overall Best CBD Drops

CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract

cbdpure hemp oil

Our Rating: (5/5)

CBDPure is a company that has a great reputation in this industry. Their products are well-known and are vigorously tested throughout time for all possible impurities. One of the main advantages of their hemp extracts is that the actual hemp plant is home-grown. That brings great benefits to the product such as easier and faster control and regulation and better access to third-party laboratories residing in the USA. Their extraction process is one of the best in the business as well but it creates a full-spectrum hemp oil which can contain traces of THC. That is a downside for people who work in places with random drug tests as THC makes these tests positive. Overall, the great quality, variety of CBD concentration choices, and the beneficial effects on users make these hemp oils one of the, if not the best on today’s market. Their price to value ratio is higher than the industry’s average as well. If you want to find out more about these drops, follow us to our full review about them.

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

diamond cbd hemp oil review

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

What Diamond CBD is widely known for is their years of experience and thorough testing procedures on their products. Their full spectrum MCT oils are one of the best in the business and thanks to the full spectrum extraciton process they contain all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. That can be an issue for a person working at a workplace which requires drug tests but other than that is helps with the potency of their CBD oils and improves the range of conditions they can successfully treat. Another thing which Diamond CBD uses in their advantage is the newest most cutting edge technologies in the world of biochemistry allowing them to track all substances in their products and make them as pure as they want. This MCT oil is organic and has a natural hemp oil taste and scent. It is home grown and just like any other Diamond CBD product it ships to all 50 states without a shipping fee. There also is a 15 days return policy which is great in case the product comes damaged or you have seconds thoughts about using it. If you want to learn more about the company and their CBD oils, check out our full review by clicking the button below.

R And R Medicinals Hemp Oil

R and R medicinals hemp oil review

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

In this ever growing field new companies grow like mushrooms and R+R Medicinals isn’t an exception. What makes them special, though, is the fact that they have been learning all this time from the mistakes of others. Right from the get-go, R and R have created a well-rounded CBD oil which appears to have appealed to users all across the country. They take pride in being entirely home with their “from seed to plant” policy. Having their production in Colorado is good for their reputation and their quality as it will be tested better and faster by USA-based labs. This oil is also the first on our list which has a certain flavor to it – peppermint. That is great for most new users since they need something to make them follow the course of the treatment easily and a delicious product is certainly one of those things. This product ships to all 50 states and comes in two CBD concentrations – 300 mg and 1000 mg. Both are great values for the money you will be paying but the 1000 mg is naturally a better deal. Still, people who want to undergo a continuous cycle of taking CBD, the 300 mg version is the way to go. Another great thing is that this oil doesn’t have traces of THC in it thanks to the CO2 extraction process. To find out more about that and other features check out our full review of it.

The Best CBD Tinctures For People Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Nowadays, dealing with anxiety and/or depression can be a heavy burden for anyone especially since modern drugs often have unwanted side effects and their dosage can easily be miscalculated. CBD oils help people deal with these conditions better than most conventional drugs and have little to no side effects. People working in stress conditions, students, and people dealing with depression all benefit greatly from the positive effects cannabidiol has on our brains. Below are the top 3 products for these conditions according to us.

Pure Hemp Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

pure hemp botanicals cbd tincture review

Our Rating: (5/5)

Pure Hemp Botanicals is a company that has been around for some time and that time has been enough to win the hearts of most users. For people with anxiety, stress, depression or other conditions this 1500 mg CBD oil is one of the few ways out which poses no risks of side effects. It has a strong cocktail of cannabinoids with a core ingredient of CBD. There are traces of THC inside which do not cause a high effect but are enough to positivize a drug test. The company has an open policy about its third party testings which is a very rare thing to witness these days and their products are grown and manufactured in the state of Colorado. With a GMO-free, 100% vegan, and 0 additives approach Pure Hemp Botanicals surely create a very well accepted reputation for them in the CBD community. One of the slight downsides is that with premium content you will be paying premium dollars but at least you will know where your money goes. One other thing that distinguishes this tincture from most others is that it comes with a natural hemp flavor and is suitable for cooking making it ideal for people who struggle with supplementing it via the typical way of placing it under the tongue. For more information on this product, check out our full review.

The Best Hemp Oil For Pain

Pain management has been a hot topic in the US medical community for decades now. The USA consists of around 5% of the global population yet it is responsible for 80% of its opioid consumption. This has been happening for the past 50 years and a few law reforms from the past 20 years have made it worse. On top of that, modern pain management drugs are highly addictive. This has people look another way when trying to find means to deal with their physical or emotional pain. CBD presents a natural way of handling pain from trauma, injury or other source and has no addictive properties to it whatsoever. Here are some of the best cbd products on today’s market to help you deal with pain.

Vibe Ultra Premium Hemp Oil

vibe hemp oil

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Vibe Ultra premium hemp oil is a full spectrum oil which helps people with pain issues, stress, anxiety, and a lot other common conditions. It is a 250 mg hemp extract processed via a full spectrum extraction. That means that it contains the “full spectrum” of cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, and others. For some, that might be a downside since they don’t want the high effect associated with THC but for others this makes for a better more potent product. Some of the great features of this product is that it comes mint flavored, it is home-grown, and has one of the best price to value ratios on today’s market. It is excellent for beginners or for people who want a more organic approach to their issues. To find out more about this hemp oil, check out our full review of it.

CBD Drops Buyer’s Guide

Before we dive deep into this topic we want to start with a disclaimer – Always consult your physician before taking your first cbd product, whether it is oil, edibles, creams or other types. Each person has an individual reaction towards the effect of cbd and therefore each treatment must be approached differently.

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a natural chemical substance which is a cannabinoid coming from plants such as hemp, cannabis, or marijuana. To be precise, those three are all the same type of plant but according to the US law are different parts of it. Through different extraction processes people can get either THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD from this plant and the reason more people turn to CBD for therapeutic needs is that it has the same health benefits as THC but without the psychoactive effects users. It is effective for people struggling with sleep disorders, eating disorders, and others.

Knowing where your CBD comes from in your oils, tinctures, and drops is important since the one coming from marijuana will be subjected under stricter US laws, while the hemp kind wouldn’t be. In this guide we will show you some of the benefits of using hemp oil as drops, give you some tips on who might benefit from its use, compare CBD to THC, and give you advice on what to take into consideration when buying your first CBD product.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into perhaps the most important question in your mind:

What Are CBD Drops (CBD Oil)?

One of the things which are less known about CBD is that it occurs naturally in nature and is something people have used for hundreds of years to treat various conditions. It is one of the two major cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant along with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It actually makes up for more than 40% of the plant extract.

Another little known fact is that our bodies produce CBD on their own in the form of the so-called endocannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for homeostasis and regulates other bodily functions such as motor control, mood, sleep cycles, and even appetite.

With age the ECS system grows “tired” and stops producing enough endocannabinoids to fulfill the body’s needs. Another reason for the decrease might be injuries or extreme physical activity. In these cases, supplementing CBD from an external source is vital.

CBD is extracted from hemp meaning it might contain traces of THC but it those will never exceed 0.3%. In most cases companies distill their CBD oil to a point where it has no traces of THC which is important for some users for a variety of reasons. We will get into the differences between CBD and THC a bit later. When extracted from cannabis, though, the oil might contain up to 30% THC which can carry psychoactive effects to the oil itself.

When it comes to cannabis extraction, there are two extraction methods and accordingly, two CBD classes:

  • Crystalline Isolate – Here, after the extraction, the oil is allowed to cool down. This will allow the CBD to separate itself from the other cannabinoids and form crystals which can be taken and crushed into powder. In the final product there is no THC content, it looks white and glimmery, and there are no risks for a drug test to come out positive.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – In these cases, the extracted oil isn’t allowed to cool down nor cooled intentionally. That way the THC remains into the mixture. After that there will be traces of THC and the oil will look yellow in color as well as more translucent than the Isolate. With this CBD class there will be risk for a drug test to turn out positive.

Since this doesn’t really answer what the differences between CBD and THC are, let’s dig more into that particular topic now.


cbd vs thc

As we already said, CBD and THC are naturally found in the cannabis plant. Their composition is nearly identical but their effects aren’t that similar. They form more than 80% of the plant’s active chemical ingredients and are formed on the surface of it in a crystalline form. Let’s take a look at them individually now.

  • THC

This is the most psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. In our brains, it binds with the C1 (cannabinoid 1) receptors and thus creates its effects. It is known for its psychotropic effect but there are other positive sides of using it over time. When used in higher doses, it creates a “high” sensation which is what most users are after. The thing that makes experts worried is that this feeling is addictive and can lead to a worse substance abuse when people start to look for other ways of achieving that high feeling.

After attaching to the C1 receptors, THC affects a person’s behavior, hunger, energy levels, consciousness and moods perceptions. It also emulates the effect of anandamide which is our own antidepressant which impacts sleeping and eating habits.

  • CBD

CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t cause its users to get this high feeling mainly because it isn’t a psychoactive compound. This is one of the, if not the best part of a cannabis plant since it has little to no side effects and has all the health benefits you can think of. When compared with THC, CBD has a very uplifting and calming effect on its users. We will discuss health benefits in the next chapter but right now let’s focus on the main differences these two compounds cause when consumed:

Different Substances – Different Effects

In terms of the euphoric effects caused by these two substances THC is clearly a well-known psychoactive substance present in marijuana. It also is one of the main causes of addiction and withdrawal symptoms. CBD, on the other hand, isn’t psychoactive at all. It doesn’t cause a high effect and isn’t great for recreational users but it is more than ideal for medical applications. This is a major reason physicians are starting to prescribe CBD more and more to their patients for various issues. CBD also has fewer side effects compared to the traditional drugs used for the same reasons. This also makes it a great choice for treating younger patients.

CBD is also used as an antipsychotic by most doctors and is successfully tested and used for people suffering from schizophrenia. The psychoactive effects of normal THC doses can be countered with the adding of CBD in the mix.

When talking about anxiety, THC clearly uses, as it causes its users to experience panic attacks, anxiety and even paranoia. CBD, on the other hand, helps people battle anxiety due to its soothing effect. As it was with the psychotic effects, CBD is used to neutralize negative THC reactions when it comes to anxiety.

Lastly, let’s talk about the user’s sleep. People who take THC in all its forms know about its sleep properties. This is why in terms of sleep THC clearly beats CBD, as cannabidiol keeps you awake and alert. It also boosts your natural energy levels. THC promotes good sleep and is used to treat cases of insomnia.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at how CBD affects our bodies.

CBD And The Human Body

cbd chemical compound

As with other cannabinoids, CBD works by interacting with our brain’s neurotransmitters and receptors through a complex system known as the CS (endocannabinoid system) which is basically our own supply of cannabinoids. CBD works through our organs, our immune system, our pain pathways, hormones, and other regulatory systems, unlike the THC which binds to CB1 receptors in the brain.

The CBD receptors are practically everywhere in our bodies and this is why the effect of this substance is so wide-spread across all our systems. This is also the reason why scientists are focused on all the health benefits stemming from this compound as it can be looked as a universal cure to most illnesses.

Since CBD doesn’t produce effects which affect one’s mind it isn’t listed as a drug with psychoactive effects such as THC. The side effects are much milder as well compared to modern drugs and there is no risk for addiction or withdrawal since we can tolerate huge doses of it on an everyday basis.

But what exactly are the benefits of using it? Well, let’s find out!

The Benefits Of Using CBD

The array of health benefits cannabinoids like CBD bring to people is really indescribably huge affecting everything from inflammatory issues to psychological issues like anxiety, memory issues, and depression. Still, to benefit from CBD’s properties you don’t have to be seriously ill as it greatly increases some qualities in healthy individuals too.

To get a better idea of the magnitude of the good effects coming from cannabidiol, here is a list of the issues which it is used for nowadays:

  • Acne
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Epilepsy
  • Pain management
  • Parkinson’s
  • Schizophrenia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dyskinesia
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Depression
  • Different Injuries like broken bones or torn ligaments
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Infections
  • Diabetes

Even if this list seems big to you it still isn’t fully complete as we discover more and more health benefits coming from CBD use every day.

Another great thing about using CBD is that you cannot overdose on it. There is no lethal dose established and taking chronically big doses (of around 1500 mg per 24 hours) doesn’t have bad side effects for humans like taking other drugs or substances in high doses for a continuous amount of time.

Side Effects To Consider

As with anything else which is formed naturally, the chemical compound known as cannabidiol causes side effects in some people, even if those are far less compared to conventional drugs. Some of those side effects are:

  • Slightly lower blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • Decreased T and B cell activity
  • Dry Mouth

These are the worst-case scenarios associated with CBD use and aren’t typical in any means. One side effect cannot be overlooked, though. That is the effect all cannabinoids have on the CYP450 enzyme. Almost all modern drugs are metabolised through this enzyme in the liver including most steroids, antihistamines, prokinetics, HIV-antivirals, immune modulators, antibiotics, anesthetics, etc.

This is why you should always check the way your drugs interact with cannabinoids and/or consult your physician about the decision.

Types Of CBD Products

types of cbd products

There are six ways in which you can consume CBD:

  • Capsules. This method is the most common for CBD products as it is the most convenient and easy to take. People of all kinds prefer this method as it seems very familiar to traditional therapies and removes the otherwise unjustifiable doubt these products have towards them.
  • Edibles. CBD edibles have been one of the newest methods of implementing CBD into people’s lives since it is very easy to use and not to mention very delicious. The oil is stirred into different foods (or drinks) and then served as different dishes. If you want to cook an edible on your own you should keep in mind that the boiling point of CBD is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking above this temperature will ruin its healing properties.
  • Tinctures / Drops. This is our favorite form as it is the fastest to absorb and also super easy to take. Most tincture oils are sold in dropper bottles. Just put a couple (as much as prescribed) drops under your tongue and you are good to go!
  • Vapor. Yes, you can even vaporize CBD using special vaporizers and then inhaling it. This method is also very quick in terms of absorption and acts fast.
  • Topically Applied. This type of application is made possible thanks to a variety of creams and lotions containing CBD.
  • Suppository. This isn’t the best way to take CBD products but is also very effective due to the fast absorption time and rate. Not all manufacturers offer them but there are some out there which is why we had to mention it.

Each of these types of CBD products can come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them can be scented or have a flavour to them. That is entirely up to the specific manufacturer. Still, most users prefer the natural (unscented) flavor or taste to their products, as CBD doesn’t come flavored when extracted. Some of the most common scents are peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon, and even lavender. Some pain-management cbd products are also available for pets.

Now, since this guide is about cbd oil in the form of a tincture (drops), we are going to cover that part as well.

How To Use CBD Drops

Most of the CBD drops come in 0.5 ounce bottles or bigger 1 ounce bottles. What is far more important, though, is the actual CBD concentration in the tincture. Concentration refers to the hemp oil solution to CBD ratio in the liquid. A single 0.5 ounce bottle can contain 100,200,300,400,500 or more milligrams of CBD. Generally speaking, the higher the cbd dosage, the more potent the tincture will be. This is why the milligrams of CBD are often referred to as the tincture strength. For instance, a 200 mg cbd oil might be called 200-strength oil. The dose you need to take depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Overall condition
  • Constitution
  • Desired Effects
  • Other ongoing issues you have

These factors dictate the dose you take and are the reason you should always consult a physician before taking cbd drops. Usually people are divided into three groups:

  1. People weighing less than 130 pounds. For this group, doses of less than 11 mg will result in a mild effect, doses from 12 to 14 mg will result in moderate effect, while strong effects will be felt from 15-17 mg per day.
  2. People weighing from 130 to 230 pounds. This group will experience mild effects at 18 mg or less. A Moderate effects will be felt from 15 to 23 mg and strong effects will start at 18 and top off at 28 mg.
  3. People over 230 pounds. For a mild effect, these people will have to take around 23 mg or less. The Moderate effect will be from 24 to 30 mg and the strongest effect will be felt with concentrations of 29 to 45 mg.

No matter the type of consumption, cbd oil will react with your ECS system almost instantly and will replenish its cannabinoids reserves. This oil also has an anti-anxiolytic effect meaning it will make you feel less anxious and help you relax over the hours after using cbd. If anxiety is the reason you aren’t having a good sleep, this will help but in any other case CBD will do the opposite of helping when it comes to sleep – it will make your brain feel more active and awake (as opposed to THC which helps with sleep disorders).

So, How Safe Is It?

how safe is medical cbd

In terms of safety, oil coming from cannabidiol is considered very low-risk for almost all of its users. Still, there are side effects like worsened liver function especially in patients who undergo other drug therapies. The liver is responsible for metabolizing all the drugs we take and the continuously high doses of CBD can slow down that metabolism resulting in poor processing of other drugs the patient is taking.

Since CBD binds with receptors in the lower jaw it will also affect salivation in the mouth and decrease it significantly (so will THC and other marijuana based products). That will make the user thirsty and is one of the few significant side effects of supplementing with cannabidiol.

As we already pointed out, there can be low blood pressure associated with CBD use. This isn’t an issue for regular users but people dealing with low blood pressure should always consult their physician before taking any cbd-based product. Low blood pressure will also lead to a feeling of lightheadedness but these effects typically only last for a few hours before the pressure is normalized.

Other effects which can make people second guess their choice of treatment is the possible diarrhea and changes in appetite they can experience after a continuous intake of high CBD doses.

Still, all these effects are just possible side reactions and occur only in users that are either hypersensitive towards the compound or take large doses for long periods of time. If taken as prescribed CBD doesn’t trigger any of these effects in our bodies. So, in other words – yes, it is safe to take but you should always consult your physician before doing so.

If you want to know how are CBD products used to treat conditions such as diabetes type 2, visit my article on the topic.

Now, as you are already familiar with the nature of cannabidiol, its benefits, and side effects, let’s talk more about what you need to consider when choosing your first CBD product.

Things To Consider When Buying CBD Oil

When buying your first cbd product, there are few things you should keep in mind. Here are some of them:

  • Your Budget
  • Your Weight
  • What effect are you after?
  • Where do you live
  • Do you work somewhere where drug testing is mandatory?
  • Do you take any prescription drugs?
  • Third party lab testing of the product
  • Do you have flavor preferences?

Let’s take a look at each of those aspects in greater detail now…

Your Budget

Prices for cannabidiol products vary heavily from product to product and that should be a great determining factor towards a product you want to get since the point of cbd is to be affordable and beneficial for your health. A great tip to figure out if a price is good or not is to set your own per-mg price. For example if you come to the conclusion that 15 cents per 1 mg of cbd is good for you, then you shouldn’t pay more than 15 dollars for a bottle containing 100 mg cbd. Also, since most states will basically allow you to only buy cbd online, you should keep shipping costs in mind.

Your Weight

weight affecting cbd use

As we mentioned in our last guide part, weight plays a key role in determining the dosage you will be taking. You should always select your bottles based on how much you weight. For example, if you want to go through a 30-day cycle of taking cbd, and also weigh more than 230 pounds, you should always look for a bottle containing more than 30 x your maximum dosage (29-45 mg). Or if there aren’t such bottles consider getting a stack as most companies offer discounts for such purchases.

What effect are you after?

If you just want a mild relaxation effect then consider taking small doses but always make sure you choose the right product by reading user reviews of it and professional assessments. Most companies are third-party tested and some are even FDA approved. If you want a therapeutic effect towards a medical condition such as diabetes, for instance, you should consult your physician whether cbd will affect your current treatment and whether it will be effective in the long run in terms of side effects and overall health results.

Where do you live

Most people aren’t aware of the current legal situation with cbd but to summarize it, cbd oil is regulated in all states of the USA. Always take a look at your own state’s laws regarding cbd products and check if there are authorized stores in your region. In most states buying cbd tinctures online will be the only feasible option for users.

We’ve covered the topic of whether THC, CBD, or other marijuana products are legal in our dedicated article on the topic.

Do you work somewhere where drug testing is mandatory?

It is important to know that the full spectrum cbd products have THC in them (even though it’s in very small quantities) and can make a drug test come out positive. Crystalline isolates contain no THC thanks to the method of extraction companies use for manufacturing them and therefore are safe for workers who work in companies that test their employees.

Want to know which states have CBD legalized? I’ve created a whole separate article on this topic. Click here to check it out!

Do you take any prescription drugs?

As we already discussed, CBD can have some serious effect on your liver’s capabilities of metabolizing other drugs. People on medication should always consult their doctor before taking cbd as it can heavily affect their ongoing therapy.

Third party lab testing of the product

One vital thing you should always look for when choosing a cbd product or any other product for that matter is third-party testings. Avoid oils that do not have these in their product details as their effects and concentrations cannot be trusted entirely unless there are countless of user reviews claiming a specific result.

Do you have flavor preferences?

Last and possibly least, is the flavor of the tincture you want to buy. Most people will think that this isn’t as important as some other aspects but there are people who take CBD products on a regular basis and having an added flavor to that can be of great help to the therapy being easier to cope with and is an overall morale booster. After all, who doesn’t like strawberry syrup, right?

Final Thoughts

Finding the best CBD drops can be a challenging task but when knowing exactly what to look for it becomes as easy as shopping for your monthly groceries. CBD products have specific qualities and will improve your life without the extra side effects normal meds have. Whether you are suffering from mild depression, have a bacterial infection or some sort of inflammation, cannabidiol will help you improve your quality of life without having to give an arm and a leg for the drug bill. Whether it is in the form of drops, edibles, or creams, CBD is always a great natural alternative to modern medicine but you must also never forget to consult your physician before taking any eternal therapy to your own. We hope that this guide has been helpful and in case you still cannot choose the right product for you, we encourage you to check some of our top picks which have been specially selected to fit all the needs of most newcomers.