May, 2024

The best CBD gummies can be life-changing, especially for people who suffer from anxiety, symptoms related to ADHD or anxiety, and those with a chronic condition. CBD can be the solution for many people if they know how to properly use it.

We have taken an in-depth look at dozens of the leading CBD edibles on the market, in our search for find hemp oil edibles that really work and can provide the results you’re looking for.

Not all CBD edibles are created equal and there are many factors to take into consideration before you order your first CBD product. In fact, these products come in different strengths and dosages, which can make it difficult for people who are new to CBD use to find the right product.

We’ve changed all that by taking an in-depth look at what the leading products have to offer and what you can expect in regard to active life, potency, dosing instructions, and overall quality.

Our buyer’s guide will go over what you should look for in a CBD product, how they work, and what type of conditions CBD can effectively treat.

Here, we’ll also give you a glimpse at each of the products we’ve reviewed, highlighting why they made it to our list and what they have to offer.

But before you begin reading our review summaries, take a look at the comparison chart below. This chart will list the price, rating, strength, and form of CBD, giving you a better idea of the product’s potency and overall quality.

CBD Edibles Comparison Chart

ProductStrength (CBD)FormPriceRating
CBDPure Softgels 750
CBDPure Softgels 750

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Meds Biotech Gummies
Meds Biotech Gummies - CBD Infused Watermelon Slices

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Chill Plus Gummies
Chill Plus Gummies

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Diamond CBD Gummies
Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

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HempMeds Edibles
HempMeds Kicks-Sour Apple CBD Edibles

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Relax Gummies
DiamondCBD Infused Choco Nuts

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Choosing the Best CBD Products

Below are summaries of the six leading CBD gummies, softgels, and edibles that we have reviewed. Each product has something special to offer, whether it’s a longer acting formula, rapid release, or a higher potency rating.

Best CBD Softgels-CBDPure Softgels 750

CBDPure Softgels 750

Our Rating: (5/5)

Softgels are often a better choice for CBD users who want a product that can provide faster results after consumption, but also need a product that’s easier to take than traditional CBD tinctures.

The 750 softgels by CBDPure feature a rapid release formula and a dosage that makes them perfect for new CBD users. Coming in at twenty-five milligrams per dose, these softgels contain CBD that’s derived from Colorado grown hemp plants, providing a purer CBD strain without any harmful additives. CBDPure also utilizes the CO2 extraction process, which results in a more powerful, and potent final product. Their rigorous production and testing processes also ensures you get a more effective product. If you have any doubts regarding quality, CBDPure also offers proof of their CBD testing, which is done on each and every batch.

Their powerful formula can effectively treat symptoms related to cancer treatment, chronic pain, migraines, nausea, anxiety, depression, and symptoms associated with ADHD and autism. These softgels can also help people who suffer from insomnia, muscle pain, and muscle spasms or seizures.

However, for seasoned CBD users, the lower twenty-five-milligram dose may not be effective in treating severe pain or certain chronic conditions.

Additionally, in this form, new users will not be able to slowly increase the amount of CBD they use. The ability to gradually increase the dosage can make it easier for beginners to avoid experiencing unwanted side effects, which can occur if they take a higher dosage.

Overall, these softgels offer the type of fast-acting formula that most CBD users are looking for and a potent formula that can deliver the results needed.

Best CBD Gummies-Meds Biotech Gummies – CBD Infused Watermelon Slices

Meds Biotech Gummies - CBD Infused Watermelon Slices

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Who doesn’t love gummy candy, especially watermelon favored gummies? If you’re tired of the taste of CBD drops or want a fun way to take your CBD every day, then these gummies are the way to go.

These Meds Biotech gummies offer the perfect solution for new CBD users who want more control over CBD dosing. These gummies are available in several strength options ranging from one hundred milligrams up to fifteen hundred milligrams. This type of versatility is essential and can help people who are tired of the competing CBD products that only offer extremely high or low dosage options.

In terms of taste, these gummies taste exactly like traditional watermelon gummy candy, which can make them much easier to take.

These gummies feature a slow release formula. As the gummies digest after consumption, the bloodstream will receive a slow, steady dose of CBD, so you can enjoy the benefits over a period of several hours.

Of course, if you need a product that can provide immediate relief, then this slow release formula can be seen as a major drawback.

If you’re not sure if CBD gummies are right for you, then you’ll be happy to learn that the manufacturer offers a thirty-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this product for any reason, you can request a full refund during this thirty day period. This gives new users every reason to give CBD gummies a shot. This isn’t something you’ll commonly come across with CBD products, so this is a huge incentive for new and experienced CBD users.

Best Value-Chill Plus Gummies – CBD Infused Gummy Squares

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These gummy squares not only taste like regular gummy candy, but they’re also packing a seriously potent CBD formula that can provide relief for several hours.

These gummy squares by Chill Plus don’t give you an in-depth look at the exact milligrams of CBD per dose but instead have labeled these gummies as extremely strong. This can make it tricky for new users or those with a low tolerance to gauge how many gummies to take. However, experienced CBD users will appreciate the potent, slow-release formula. With the purchase, you’ll get twelve to fourteen gummy squares per package. The serving size is one to two gummy rings every six hours.

Since these gummies are considered extremely potent, they can produce drowsiness or other mild side effects in people with a low CBD tolerance or in new users. Because of this, you’ll want to start off with just half a gummy your first time. Over a period of two to three days, you can continue to increase the dosage. In most chronic pain cases, gummies, such as these are a better choice for higher pain levels. They can also work for people who have trouble managing their anxiety or stress.

These gummy rings are a perfect option if you want to take your CBD product with you when you leave the house, but you don’t want people around you to know you’re taking it. This discreet form of CBD is also a must-have for the person who is always on the go.

Slow-Release Formula-Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These Diamond CBD infused gummy bear edibles taste great and make it easy to take your daily dose of CBD. Each bear contains thirty milligrams of CBD, which is perfect for new users. The manufacturer recommends taking one to two bears every six hours. Because these are CBD edibles, the total thirty milligrams of CBD will not hit your bloodstream at once, like they will with rapid release CBD products. Instead, as the gummy bears are slowly digested, a small amount of CBD will be released. This equals a longer lasting dose that you can benefit from for a period of several hours.

The thirty-milligram dose may not be strong enough if you’re dealing with a higher pain level, however, most users have reported that Diamond products utilize a highly potent formula.

A more potent strain of CBD can equal a more powerful product, even in a lower dose formula. If you’re trying CBD for the first time, obviously you will want to start off with a lower dose. Take one bear and wait for one to two hours for the CBD to take full effect. If you haven’t experienced the desired results you can take an additional bear. The manufacturer warns against taking more than two bears in a six-hour period.

This long-lasting formula can last for four to six hours, depending on your tolerance, and whether you took the gummies on a full or empty stomach.

Infused with Caffeine-HempMeds Kicks-Sour Apple CBD Edibles

CBD Infused Choco Nuts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Kicks by HempMeds is a CBD product like no other. It contains an impressive one hundred milligrams of CBD per dose and one hundred milligrams of caffeine. The addition of the caffeine offers a few benefits including a natural boost in energy, the ability to combat drowsiness, which can occur with CBD use, and it can make the CBD work more effectively. Studies have shown us that when caffeine is used with medication designed to treat pain and inflammation, that said medication works more effectively. Not only do these chews come with CBD and caffeine they also contain a variety of B vitamins for an additional boost in energy.

Because of the unique formula, these chews are currently dominating the market. They’re also individually wrapped, so you can easily take one or two doses with you, wherever you go.

The one hundred milligram CBD formula will help treat inflammation, pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

Unfortunately, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, then these chews may not be for you. But while a hundred milligrams of caffeine may sound like a lot, the average cup of coffee contains ninety-five milligrams. So, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, then this dose of caffeine will not cause jitteriness or an upset stomach.

A great product if you’re looking for a CBD edible that can help with pain management and give you a much-needed boost in energy, it’s easy to see why the Kicks made it to our top six list of the best edibles on the market.

Best CBD Chocolate-Relax Gummies – CBD Infused Choco Nuts

DiamondCBD Infused Choco Nuts

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re not a big fan of gummy candy, then Relax gummies offer the perfect alternative to their popular line of CBD gummy edibles.

The Choco Nuts CBD infused candy by Relax Gummies are the chocolate lover’s dream come true. Loaded with rich milk chocolate, peanuts, and CBD, this edible makes for one decadent snack and gives you every reason not to miss a dose of CBD.

But they don’t just taste great. Each serving features an impressive two hundred milligrams of CBD. This Relax Gummies product also features a controlled release formula, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much CBD at once. Instead, as the chocolate digests, a low amount of CBD will make its way to your bloodstream. This formula makes the chocolate a better choice for users who don’t want to have to worry about missing a dose since the CBD lasts for several hours.

However, if you normally take a higher dose of CBD and need a product that can provide immediate relief, then the slow-acting formula can be a huge downside.

We would recommend this product for chronic pain sufferers in need of a potent CBD product for breakthrough pain, or anyone who wants an edible that will work throughout the day. The controlled release formula also makes the chocolate a good choice for people who have a hard time falling and staying asleep.

Really, this CBD infused chocolate gives you the perfect excuse to spoil yourself and enjoy all the benefits of chocolate and CBD, when you’re away from home.

CBD Gummies and CBD Edibles Buying Guide

A cannabinoid that’s produced by the cannabis plant, CBD is now commonly found in all-natural products designed to treat a wide range of conditions.  The best CBD gummies are used to treat conditions ranging from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, joint pain, and more.

Unlike THC, the chemical in marijuana that’s responsible for the psychological effects of the plant, you will not feel a change in mental clarity or other physical effects when using CBD edibles, soft gels, or CBD gummies.

Despite the fact that you won’t feel any physical or mental effects when taking one of these supplements, there is no doubt that it’s a very powerful, all-natural supplement that can provide many benefits that can help to improve your quality of life.

Edibles such as CBD gummies are a great option if you want to avoid inhaling and the hassle that comes with using a vape pen. But since their rise in popularity edibles have experienced a huge boom in production. This means the market is essentially flooded with new products, all of which claim to be the most potent.

Before you buy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you go about choosing the best CBD gummies?
  • How can you find a product that really works?
  • What should you look for in order to determine the product’s potency and potential effectiveness?

Like any popular product on the market, you’re going to run into CBD edibles that claim to offer high bioavailability and long-lasting results, but not all CBD edibles are created equal. Without the proper knowledge regarding how to determine a high-quality supplement from an ineffective one, you could end up spending upwards of sixty to eighty dollars on a low quality CBD product that won’t be able to provide the type of results you need, whether you’re looking for a natural way to relieve inflammation or anxiety, or want a safe alternative to expensive pain medication.

Our guide is designed to teach you how to find CBD products that are powerful, effective, and designed to provide the type of results you’re looking for.

How CBD Edibles Can Help

There are several benefits that are linked to regularly taking a quality CBD supplement, especially when compared to using a CBD oil in a vape pen.

On average, it can take CBD gummies thirty minutes up to two hours to take effect, however, research has also shown us that in gummy form, the effects are longer lasting.

In edible form, the oil is slowly released over an extended period of time as the food in your digestive tract is digested. And the result? Longer lasting effects, which is exactly what most CBD users are looking for.

In softgel or gummy form, the effects can be felt between three to four hours longer compared to inhaling CBD oil.

Non-Psychotropic Effects of CBD Edibles

Effects of CBD Edibles

Unlike THC, you won’t have to worry about any psychotropic effects. While it’s true that CBD gummies are a cannabis compound it doesn’t cause that traditional sedated feeling that occurs when smoking marijuana.

Instead of feeling sedated, CBD promotes a calming effect and works as a natural mood elevator and helps to improve energy.

Lung Health

One of the main reasons people choose CBD gummies and softgels over inhaling CBD oil is lung irritation. If you’re worried about lung health or suffer from asthma, then inhaling CBD isn’t the right option for you. Additionally, the long-term effects associated with inhaling CBD oil still are not known. A CBD vape pen contains polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol. When heated up, both of these thinning agents can potentially produce toxin carcinogens.

Using CBD edibles is the best way to avoid inhaling these toxic compounds, however, there are some vape pens on the market that don’t contain these harmful additives, yet they can be difficult to find and don’t have a reputation for being as effective as softgels or gummies.

Want to find out where are CBD edibles legal? Check out this article on the topic.

Precise Dosage Control

When you use CBD edibles, you’ll find it much easier to measure out a dosage as opposed to using a vape pen or traditional CBD oil. When you use a vape pen, determining the dosage can be difficult. The best CBD gummies will allow you to calculate how much CBD you have consumed. This also makes it easier to pinpoint what dosage works the best for you, if the previous dose you took was not effective.

Minimal Side Effects

You won’t have to worry about any dangerous or harsh side effects with these edibles. However, you may experience mild side effects if you take a high dosage.

On the other hand, research has shown that higher doses of CBD can help to improve the effects of certain types of prescription medications. So, even in high doses, CBD itself is tolerated relatively well, with the main side effect being the increased effectiveness of certain medications. Of course, if you are on other medications, it’s important to discuss taking edibles with your physician prior to doing so. Your physician may recommend lowering the dosage of your prescription medication. This can help to save you hundreds of dollars a year on medication.

Mild side effects are possible with high dosages. This can include upset stomach, headache, nausea, and diarrhea. However, these side effects are rare.

For the Treatment of Inflammation

These days, you may not think twice before you take a couple of over the counter anti-inflammatories, but if you’re dealing with a chronic condition, taking prescription or over the counter anti-inflammatory medication can have major side effects that can result in long-term damage to the digestive tract.

NSAIDs are used to treat mild to moderate pain for conditions including headaches, arthritis, injury, and other types of skeletal and muscle conditions. Anti-inflammatory medications work by blocking the COX enzyme, which is responsible for creating prostaglandin messenger substances. These substances are what cause inflammation and pain.

However, the disruption of COX enzymes can cause an extensive list of side effects, the most common being ulcers, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Fortunately, you can bypass harmful side effects that are commonly associated with NSAID use by replacing your go-to NASAID with high-quality CBD products.

Now that we know more about the dangers of NSAID use, many people are now turning to CBD products for inflammation management. CBD edibles offer many of the same benefits that NSAIDs do, but without the harsh side effects or damage to the stomach lining. Because CBD is able to interact with the vanilloid and serotonin receptors, the use of this all-natural supplement can have a major positive impact on how the brain perceives pain.

CBD products have had such a major impact on the treatment of inflammation in humans that now many vets recommend CBD products for cats and dogs and other mammals.

Just like humans, long-term use of anti-inflammatories in animals can have the same negative side effects including reduced effectiveness and painful gastrointestinal bleeding or the development of ulcers. These days, CBD oil can be used regularly to treat anxiety, pain, inflammation, and stress in animals and is safe to use for longer periods of time compared to NSAIDs.

Inflammation is always a common issue with patients suffering from diabetes. Click here to learn how is CBD oil used to handle this condition.

The Anxiety Solution

The Anxiety Solution

CBD gummies can also be taken to help manage anxiety. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who have tried several anti-anxiety medications without any success, then CBD offers a natural, gentle, and effective anxiety treatment that can really work, and without the harsh side effects.

Another major downside to taking prescription anxiety medication is the amount of time it can take to kick in. Most medications prescribed to treat anxiety can take two to three months to take full effect. During this period, while you may not feel the effects of the medication, you will experience certain side effects as your body adjusts. This can include nausea, loose stool, trouble sleeping, insomnia, increased fatigue, and headaches.

As you can see, fast-acting CBD products can be a better, safer solution, and one you can begin benefitting from right away.

To learn more, click here to read our article on CBD dosage for anxiety.

Is Hemp Oil a More Effective Alternative?

Like CBD in gummy or softgel form, there are many benefits of hemp oil, and there are several differences between CBD hemp and hemp seed oil. One of the biggest reasons people tend to turn to hemp oil opposed to edibles is the oil’s faster acting time. However, with this faster acting time, which means it reaches the bloodstream faster, the oil is not slowly digested like softgels or gummies. This affects the oil’s lasting power, requiring more frequent dosing every two to three hours as opposed to dosing for gummies at an average of every four hours.

To learn more about hemp oil and how it works, click here to read our article on hemp oil uses.

The Autism Connection

The use of CBD edibles in children with autism has quickly become a popular option over dangerous medications that are used to control or eliminate dangerous behaviors in children with severe autism. Additionally, the effects of regular CBD use have also shown promising results in autistic children that are considered nonverbal.

Studies conducted regarding the effects of CBD edibles and autism showed eighty percent of study participants displayed a decrease in undesired behaviors, while over sixty percent of parents reported a significant improvement in cognitive function and communication. Forty percent of the study’s participants also showed a decrease in anxiety and depression. This study was conducted on sixty children with severe autism over a seven month period. Additionally, the regular use of CBD in autism patients not only showed a major improvement in cognitive levels, but the participants also did not show any signs of unwanted side effects. While more research is needed, the effects of long-term CBD use in children with autism is very promising, especially for those parents who do not want to try harmful prescription medication to reduce unwanted behaviors.

Safer Pain Management

As we learn more about the dangers of opioid use and addiction, managing pain with CBD products has risen in popularity, mainly because it’s a much safer pain management alternative, one that doesn’t come with the risk of overdose or addiction.

CBD use for the treatment of mild to severe pain and for chronic pain sufferers have never been so popular. CBD can also be used by people who are currently on pain medication but need a safe medication to use to treat breakthrough pain. Breakthrough pain is the type of pain some people experience, even after they have taken their prescribed medication.

However, learning how to find the right dosage for pain management can be difficult for some. If you’d like to learn how to determine the appropriate dose of CBD for pain management, you can click here to read our article on CBD dosage for pain.

Bioavailability of CBD Supplements

When you’re shopping for CBD edibles, you want a product that can provide the best results. A product that’s powerful, and one that’s potent. A more potent CBD edible not only provides better results, but the effects can last for a longer period of time.

Considering CBD products are available in a variety of forms including topicals, oils, tinctures, soft gels, vape pens, and different types of edibles, choosing a product that will work for you can be overwhelming.

As we briefly touched on before, softgels and edibles are often a better choice for most users simply because it’s much easier to determine a precise dosage compared to the other forms of CBD.

But when you’re shopping around for an effective product, regardless of route, the product’s bioavailability will be the most important aspect to pay attention to.

So, what is bioavailability? A product’s bioavailability will determine the rate and degree in which the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream, in addition to the product’s potency. When your doctor determines the correct dosage of CBD he or she will also consider a product’s bioavailability.

Research has indicated that when taken orally, the CBD’s bioavailability can be compromised as it goes through the digestive and metabolic systems, both of which will work as a filter, removing a portion of the CBD. Because of this, you may need to take a higher dosage of CBD when it is taken in an edible form. As an example, if you consume a product that contains one hundred milligrams of CBD, only around twenty to thirty milligrams of the CBD will reach your bloodstream.

A product’s bioavailability rating can range anywhere from two percent up to twenty percent. When you’re searching for a highly potent product, obviously, the softgels or edibles with a higher bioavailability percentage will be the most effective. But with a higher bioavailability rating comes a higher price tag. However, in the end, purchasing a more effective product will be well worth the higher cost.

Why Gummies Over CBD Oil?

In many cases in which a person deals with a chronic condition, whether it’s arthritis, depression, or inflammation, gummies seem to be the go-to daily supplement. Gummies are easier to take, and it’s easier to achieve an accurate dosage. They can also be taken in plain sight, and they’re said to be more effective and safer than vape pens. Gummies are reasonably priced compared to other forms of CBD and have an excellent shelf life of one year.

These flavored CBD supplements taste great, so your child or pet will be more likely to take them compared to CBD oil or other types of supplement forms.

Like gummy multivitamins, the gummies are available in a wide range of flavors, colors, and shapes, all of which make them more appealing.

Before you decide to purchase a particular brand or type of CBD edible, it’s important to pay close attention to the product’s label.

The gummies you purchase should contain all-natural ingredients and come from a reputable company. If you’re not sure about a particular product, make sure you read CBD edibles reviews. Reviews can give you an inside look at how effective or ineffective a product is.

CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels

CBD products come in many forms. The form you choose will depend mainly on why you’re taking CBD in the first place.

CBD softgels work in much the same way as the more popular gummies, the only real difference being how slowly the CBD oil is digested. This often depends on the type of capsule the CBD is encased in. Some capsules are designed for rapid digestion, which means they’re faster acting than an extended-release capsule. Extended-release capsules are designed to digest at a much slower rate. This, in turn, allows a small amount of CBD oil to be released into the bloodstream throughout the day, as opposed to all of the oil being released into the bloodstream at once. Typically, people who take CBD for pain-related conditions will choose the extended release CBD oil softgels. Just like with gummies and other types of edibles, before you purchase softgels, you’ll want to pay close attention to the product’s bioavailability, in addition to the recommended dosage instructions.

In terms of price and effectiveness, the results are comparable to that of other types of edibles including gummies, however, gummies still remain a more popular option.

More On When You Can Expect to Feel The Full Effects of CBD

Earlier, we mentioned that it can take thirty minutes up to two hours to feel the effects of CBD products, but that isn’t always the case. There are actually many factors that can interfere with how soon you’ll experience some of the benefits CBD edibles have to offer. This can include why you’re using the edibles. As an example, you may not feel the immediate effects of the supplement if you’re experiencing severe inflammation or even anxiety. Other factors will include the dosage of the edible and the potency.

That being said, the effects take longer to kick in with this method of ingestion. That’s because the CBD oil will need to go through the digestive system and be absorbed, after which the liver will need to metabolize it before you feel any effects.

For most people, it will take approximately an hour to feel the full effects once the CBD edible has been ingested. On an empty stomach, the effects can kick in at around twenty minutes. So, if you’ve just finished a large meal before taking the CBD, you can expect it to take longer to feel the full effects.

You should feel the full effects for a period of three to four hours. When you first take it, it’s important to keep track of how long the CBD provides relief, in order to correctly time the following dosage. This will help you fine-tune a dosage schedule that will work for you based on your condition and the supplement’s potency. As an example, if you don’t have issues with sleep or you take another medication for sleep, time the last dosage to be taken three to four hours before bedtime. You should have the correct dosing schedule down within a few days.

CBD oils is also great for treating conditions such as psoriasis. I’ve created a whole article on the topic. Click here if you want to check it out.

When CBD Edibles Don’t Work

Many people are too quick to write off CBD products as being ineffective when in truth, it could simply be a matter of the wrong dosage. The wrong or right dosage of CBD gummies will be different for everyone. It’s a matter of starting off with a lower dosage and carefully observing the effects the supplement has on your current condition. Depending on the reason why you’re taking the supplement, if you don’t achieve the results you’re looking for, you can increase the dose the next time you take the edible. In this way, you can safely determine the dosage that’s effective for you. While CBD will not work for everyone, it’s important that you attempt to try different dosages before you rule out this powerful natural supplement.

Basically, once your symptoms are alleviated, you should not increase the dosage. For some people, high doses of CBD can cause increased fatigue or feelings of sedation, however, this is not very common.

If you’re still struggling with finding the right dose, make sure you’re taking the CBD on an empty stomach.

Realistic Expectations

If you’ve read this far, then by now you know that CBD products come with many benefits. But whether or not CBD is right for you will depend on why you’re using it. As an example, if you’re suffering from severe chronic pain, CBD can be a great addition to your current pain management regimen, but may not be an effective option to use in place of prescription pain and anti-inflammation medication. If you’re interested in trying CBD gummies, softgels, or edibles, consult with your physician prior to use. Not only will your physician determine whether or not CBD use can have a positive impact on pain management, anxiety, or inflammation, but they can also guide you in terms of dosage and frequency of use.