February, 2024

This product is no longer available- We recommend this as the best replacement!

There aren’t many creams out there that present you with a good price to value ratio when it comes to ingredients and CBD concentration inside them. I have a product for you that has every reason to be in this top 5 list – the Cannabidiol Life CBD Balm. It is everything you want from a CBD cream – fast acting, doesn’t leave stains on the clothes, doesn’t cause side effects, and most importantly is priced just right.

If you are looking for a cram that basically does it all, then the Cannabidiol Life CBD Depp Soothing Balm is just the right thing for you. Thanks to its countless ingredients ranging from all the important essential oils, to known substances like St. John’s Wort and a full-range help extract it will act strongly on issues like skin inflammation, joint pain, muscle ache and soreness, and many other conditions which won’t be as easily managed by conventional OTC creams. 

In this review, I have gone through some of the most important features of this cream, including what it contains and how exactly it works on our bodies, as well as the exact steps to taking it. So, buckle up, as we are about to find out why this balm is one of the best selling CBD products for this year.

Features That Make It Stand Out

The most important and standing out feature about this cream is the swiftness with which it acts. Sure, most CBD creams act fast (that is in their nature) but this one has an effect which can be felt moments after the initial application. This would have been great if the effect was as long lasting but it just isn’t. The company has concentrated on quick short-term effects and smoother, more hardly noticeable long-term ones.

What this means is that if you want to use this cream for chronic pain treatment you will either have to up the dosage or apply it more often which will nullify the whole point of the product which is affordability. Using it all in just a few weeks won’t make sense from an investing standpoint. For those reasons, you can invest in a more CBD rich cream which will have a more potent long-term effect, especially against chronic issues. One cream like that is the Alpha Natural Hemp Relief cream.

Do you want to take a peek at the newest research and information regarding hemp oil and its help against cancer? Click here to go to my newest article in which I discuss the topic in great detail. Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the ingredients inside this cream…

The Ingredients

In terms of ingredients, be it the number of them and their quality, this is the first cream we have ever seen that packs such a wide variety of essential oils combined with the full-spectrum hemp extract power. Now, it isn’t always ideal to have that many ingredients crammed into a single product but in a moment you will see what we mean. It even has compounds like extracts from St. John’s wort that are known nootropics and can act on cellular level below the area on which you apply the balm.

The most important ingredients here are:

  • The Organic MCT Oil
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Calendula
  • Comfrey Root
  • Peppermint
  • Beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter
  • Eucalyptus, lavender, and wintergreen essential oils
  • Full spectrum hemp extract (which amounts to a 275 mg of CBD)

Those ingredients can all be found on other products but never in this cocktail and never all together like that. This is why we think that the price-to-value ratio of this product is out of this world, as you are getting ingredients which are generally found in far more expensive products in something that is averagely priced.

For instance, most companies just opt for beeswax for their hardening agent or a kind of butter, but these guys decided to go all in and add them all, resulting in a great feeling cream, consistency wise.

Using CBD products for pain isn’t as simple as it initially seems. You have to fine-tune the exact amount of CBD in your product and know how much you intake daily in your body. This will give you a better understanding on how CBD affects you and where is your golden middle in which you feel the best. For more on the topic, head over to my special article.

The Organic Factor

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All of the ingredients here from the extracts to the essential oils are derived from organically farmed herbs and plants. This is great since you won’t have to worry about the residual pesticides on your product which can cause some adverse and very unwanted reactions in some people. The hemp here is organic and is certified for that. Furthermore, it is produced in a home-based facility located in Denver, CO. That place is also certified to be on par with the DEH (Denver Environmental Health) standards.

Extracting The CBD

Using ethanol and low temperatures (as well as very low pressure and a slow extraction process) Cannabidiol Life ensure that you are getting only the highest quality spectrum of cannabinoids. Luckily, thanks to this exact technique all the variations of THC as liquidated and removed from  the formula.

There is no high pressure CO2 method being implemented here, as there is with other manufacturers, which only damages the compounds found in the hemp plant.

Going The Extra Mile

Something this company could have skipped doing but they decided to do instead was providing their site visitors and readers with the newest peer reviewed information on the process of CBD research. You can find tons of useful information on compounds like CBG and CBD backed by studies showing the true therapeutic values of these substances.

Exactly this is the reason they are listed as an educational resource by the NHA (National Hemp Association). Now, let’s move on to the suggested ways of applying this cream.

Suggested Use

First of all, it is important to note that this is an external use only product. You shouldn’t ingest it in any way or form, even if you think it will help. The way you apply it is by taking a small amount with your finger tip and gently rubbing it onto the damaged or affected area.

Do this until the whole area of interest is covered and once the cream is absorbed properly it will start causing its effects on the skin and the tissues beneath it.

If you feel concern for an allergic reaction, try it out on a small, non-visible spot on your body where you can easily see whether you receive an unwanted reaction from the substances in this product.

Are you curious how CBD creams are made? Or what exactly are their full healing capabilities? I have all the answers to these questions in the full Buyer’s Guide I’ve compiled for you. There you can also check out some of the other best creams on today’s market and see the pros and cons of each of them.

Related Questions

Does This Cream Have Any THC Amounts in it?

Thanks to the extraction processes that Cannabidiol Life uses there are not even trace amounts of THC in this cream, backed by their third party testings.

Will It Help With Arthritis?

In general yes. It won’t cure the condition but it will more than likely help with the pain management on both the short and long run. To benefit from its effects apply it above the painful joints two times a day (but always take into account your daily CBD intake limit).

Click here to find out which states have CBD legalized entirely, which states allow the use of CBD for medical purposes, and which have it still banned altogether. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of the Cannabidiol Life’s CBD cream now:


  • Has a wide array of ingredients
  • Very potent
  • Best price-to-value ratio I’ve seen
  • Effect can be felt almost immediately
  • Has a nice scent to it
  • Doesn’t cause stains on your clothes
  • CBD comes from organic home-grown hemp
  • Company is regulated by the government


  • No third-party testing as of yet
  • Has a weaker long-term effect

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Final Thoughts On The Cannabidiol Life CBD Deep Soothing Balm

Product Rating Updated February, 2024 (4.5/5)

Cannabidiol Life CBD Deep Soothing Balm

To be fair, even though this product has its weak sides, it really is competing in a niche of its own. The ingredients it has inside cannot be found as such a complete list in any other product on the market right now. As a cream, it is ideal for what most people need CBD creams for. It will soothe rashes, skin itches, muscle and joint pain and will create a soothing feeling on the place where it is applied. Other than that, it isn’t the long-term pain management cream you are looking for, even though it comes at a killer price. As a whole, I gave it a solid four and a half out of five stars rating.

This product is no longer available- We recommend this as the best replacement!