AOSCA Hemp Certification: What It Means

Hemp is used in more than twenty-five thousand products all over the world, ranging from food, paper, and textiles, to nutritional supplements and beverages. It’s used for CBD oil, fiber, seeds, feed, and food. A whole range of products such as cosmetics, insulation materials, and even animal feed can contain […]

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Cannabinoids that Suppress Appetite

Most people who have tried smoking or vaping marijuana at some point in their life have recalled how it causes them to immediately eat everything in sight. The fact that cannabis causes an increase in appetite is well-known. But did you know that there are cannabinoids that suppress appetite? A […]

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Hemp CBD Vs. Cannabis CBD

CBD is the go-to product for a variety of health conditions, but it’s also commonly used to treat insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety. Because of this, for some, it will be important to use a product that’s pure CBD, one that doesn’t contain any other type of cannabinoid. Most CBD […]


Are Cannabinoids Water Soluble?

If you’re new to the world of cannabinoids and looking for a natural way to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms related to depression or inflammation, then you’re probably researching how cannabinoids work, what products are available, and what you can expect from treatment. “Are cannabinoids water-soluble?” This is […]


Are Cannabinoids Naturally Found in Breast Milk?

There’s no argument that cannabinoids are very powerful and play an important role in many bodily functions, but what about cannabinoid content in breast milk? The internet is buzzing with claims that breast milk contains the same cannabinoids as cannabis plants. But is this true? Are cannabinoids naturally found in […]


Are Cannabinoids Stored in Fat?

Are cannabinoids stored in fat? Yes. Scientists who have studied the effects of marijuana have made many important discoveries after several decades of research. Scientists have spent years researching how cannabinoids work and the impact these compounds have on the endocannabinoid system and the brain, and how cannabinoids are stored […]


Are Cannabinoids Terpenes?

Are cannabinoids terpenes? No. But they do contain terpenes. Cannabis consists of several hundred chemical compounds that are naturally occurring. These compounds will play a crucial role by interacting directly with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are found throughout the body. Terpenes are a type of compound that’s responsible […]


Cannabinoids Temperature Chart Explained

If you’re tired of smoking cannabis using a bong, pot, or a joint, then vaping can provide a cleaner, purer, and faster way to consume cannabis. However, finding the right product is important. This is because the temperature at which you burn the pot is just as important as the […]


How CBN (Cannabinol) Can Help You Sleep

If you’ve been struggling for several days, weeks or even months, to get a good night’s rest, then you may be interested in learning more about how CBN cannabinol can help you sleep. Does it really work? How do you take it? What type of results can you expect? These […]

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Terpenes for Sleep

There are many terpene isolates or profiles that are marketed with claims that they can help promote sleep or have special calming, anti-anxiety, or anti-stress effects. Typically, if you want to use terpenes for sleep the best type is often found in certain strains of cannabis. However, other terpenes marketed […]

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Terpenes for Pain Management

There are many people who will rely on the best CBD drops because of their ability to relieve and manage pain. Additionally, terpenes for pain management can be just as effective. Terpenes, when combined with CBD, can help to alleviate inflammation and pain, allowing you to live a more comfortable […]

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Are Terpenes Water Soluble? 

Are terpenes water soluble? No. Most terpenes are not. These molecules are widespread in nature and exist in plants and some marine organisms. Generally speaking, terpenes are insoluble in water, however, they are soluble in diethyl ether and ethanol. But what does water soluble really mean and can you add […]

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Are Terpenes Bad for You?

Terpenes are what give trees, flowers, and plants their scent, and food their flavor. But are terpenes bad for you, or do they offer any important health benefits? When used specifically to treat certain conditions or ailments, using concentrated formulas, there is some concern that long-term use can potentially have […]

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What Terpenes are Good for Anxiety?

We all handle stress, anxiety, and depression differently. For some, exercising, spending quality alone time, or reading a book can be enough to help calm our nerves and elevate our moods. But others turn to prescription anti-anxiety medication, especially when their anxiety feels unmanageable. Anxiety occurs when a person feels […]