Are Terpenes Legal
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Are Terpenes Legal: A Look at Terpenes in Nature

In the last few years,  terpenes have garnered a whole new level of attention. But are terpenes legal? They are. Terpenes are non-psychoactive, and while they are commonly used to enhance the high associated with cannabis use, they do not cause it. Instead, the psychoactive effects of marijuana are caused […]

Can Terpenes Get You High
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Can Terpenes Get You High: The Truth About Terpene Use

The cannabis plant features very small glands on the leaves and the flowers, which are called trichomes. On marijuana plants, trichomes are crystal-like formations that are visible. These crystals produce terpenes and THC. The terpenes are what are responsible for every strain of weed’s distinct aroma and flavor. Different strains […]

How Many Terpenes are There
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How Many Terpenes are There?

Terpenes consist of hydrocarbons that are found in animals and plants. They’re also considered the most diverse and largest class of natural products. While the majority of terpenes are found in plant life, some of the more complex and larger terpenes such as squalene, are found in animals. So, how […]