May, 2024

CBDPure Hemp Oil. Our best candidate for one of the top cbd products this year is a hemp oil extract from a brand called CBDPure. What is so unique about them and their products is that they get their oil from a certified organic hemp which is grown domestically in the state of Colorado.

A huge advantage that comes with home-grown crops is that they are vigorously tested compared to the imported ones and the company can control the pesticide-free process far easier. CBDPure has chosen Colorado because it is one of the best states for agriculture and has great manufacturing conditions.

All that effort and attention to detail is reflected on their cbd products which are few in numbers but great in both quality and effect.

CBDPure Hemp Oil Our Verdict:

 We recommend the CBDPure Hemp Oil to anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or simply wants to boost its body’s immune response before the change of the seasons and temperatures. It has a natural flavor and has little to no potential side effects in its smaller form factors.

What is great here is that you can choose from 100, 300, and 600 mg options which means that you can optimize your dosage and usage easier according to your needs. The company also sells soft gels for people who prefer edibles instead of drops and tinctures.

In this review of  CBDPure Hemp Oil we will showcase what we consider the strong sides of this product as well as show you what some potential downsides might be. If you are interested in learning more about CBD (cannabidiol) in general, head over to our full Buyer’s Guide. There, you will find tons of information, tips, and advice on anything surrounding CBDPure Hemp Oil. Now, it is time to dive into the features of this great CBDPure Hemp Oil!

CBDPure Hemp Oil Features That Make It Stand Out

The best feature of this CBDPure Hemp Oil is something that we already pointed out – it’s home-grown. The company used to get its hemp crops from Denmark, which was still quite premium in terms of quality but they’ve recently moved to home soil and chose Colorado for their production. That allows easier and more strict control as well as faster third-party testing’s.  

A good quality can only be obtained by certain testing’s. The company’s production is tested by a number of these. Some of the most important tests are:

  • A thorough cannabinoid analysis

    to evaluate the CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid concentrations in the end product

  • Terpene analysis to show whether these are present or not. Terpenes are responsible for flavoring and the potency of the cannabinoids in the oil
  • Microbiological screening tests

    for bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Logically, there has to be at least some microbiological fauna as hemp is a crop but these tests are known to be manipulated and no company will ever write down that they have a certain bacteria on their product (even if it is harmless). This is why this particular test is not always telling of the condition of the crop

  • Residual solvents testing.

    These tests are required by most customers because some companies use solvents in the process of extracting hemp oil from the hemp plant. What’s worse is that sometimes there are traces of the solvents in the end product. Luckily, that isn’t the case with CBDPure’s products and they show it in the form of a testing result.

Now, let’s talk more about the options you will be presented with on their website

What You Can Get

Right off the bat, you will see that there are three options when looking for a hemp oil from CBDPure. They offer 100, 300, and 600 mg options which are all great on their own but we think that the 600 mg bottle is the way to go as it is the most potent and is the better value for money.

  • CBDPure Hemp Oil 100

In this option you will get 3.3 mg of CBD in a single serving, while the price won’t be proportional to the bigger options, meaning you actually pay the most when getting this bottle. Still, if you don’t need a bigger daily serving this is an adequate option and the price is less than the market’s average anyway.

  • CBDPure Hemp Oil 300

Here you will be getting basically three times more for less than double the price. This is why CBDPure encourages people to get their bigger versions as it creates a better value for money deal. The daily serving here is roughly 10 mg per day.

  • CBDPure Hemp Oil 600

Naturally, this is the best deal out there as you get the most cbd (20 mg per day) at the price of three Hemp Oil 100 bottles, meaning you save 50%.

What is great is that this company offers you three and six month supply bundles which further save you money down the road. The biggest deal, of course, is getting the Hemp Oil 600 for six months. It makes the price per 1 mg of CBD almost three times cheaper than the Hemp Oil 100 option.

The Extraction Process 

We will tell this straight – people who work in places where there are regular drug tests should avoid this product. Not because it has anything bad into it but because thanks to its cold press extraction and also CO2 fluid method, the compounds left in the end product will be what’s called a “full spectrum CBD oil”.

This means that not only will the oil have CBD, but also other cannabinoids like THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) makes drug tests positive as it is present in other marijuana products. The traces here are no more than 0.3% of the final product but it is still a concentration high enough to be traced by a test.

Still, CBDPure relied on this extraction method since it is one of the best in terms of preserving the natural properties and qualities of hemp oil.

The CO2 extraction process in itself is a new technology and is used only by the biggest CBD companies out there, which is why most people turn to this particular company, as it is one of the pioneers in this process. Still, if a company wants to create a “CBD-only” product it has to look elsewhere in terms of extraction techniques.

The Flavor And Scent of CBDPure Hemp Oil

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Nowadays the industry standard is “peppermint” when it comes to cbd drops flavor. That sometimes translates to the scent as well but only when it is strong enough.

Here, you won’t get a peppermint flavor but a true, organic hemp oil one which feels natural and neutral. That is great for people who don’t like peppermint or simply don’t want their cbd oil to have any taste.

The good filtration here is responsible for the hemp flavor to be flying really low under the radar and most people can’t even feel it.

In regards to the scent, there is none, even though some claim it smells like hemp seeds or hemp leaves. Again, thanks to the filtration process it smells and tastes like a normal organic flavorless oil.

A Bump On CBDPure’s Road

What some users won’t like is the fact that this company doesn’t ship to Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and Indiana. The reasons for that are many and in the near future CBDPure promises it won’t have issues with shipping to any state in the USA since more and more states are completely accepting the CBD and Hemp oil ideas in terms of medical application.

For people in those states, a valid option might be the Diamond CBD Hemp Oil, which is also great in many ways and has an effect which can rival one of CBDPure’s products.

Now, let’s see what some of the most important pros and cons of this product are:

Advantages of CBDPure Hemp Oil

  • Home-grown
  • Great value to price ratio especially in the Hemp Oil 600 bottles
  • Third-party tested for all possible impurities
  • Pristine quality
  • Great CBD effect felt in the first few days
  • Variety of CBD concentrations
  • Well-known industry name
  • Products ship to almost all states


  • Effects of CBD oils aren’t fully researched yet
  • Doesn’t ship to four states (listed above)
  • Has THC traces which can be caught on drug tests
Final Thoughts On The CBDPure Hemp Oil Extract

Product Rating Updated May, 2024 (5/5)

cbdpure hemp oilWhen it comes to pure, fully-tested CBD products, few are the companies that can proudly say that their products are with the highest of qualities. CBDPure is one of them thanks to their home-grown, third-party tested crops. The oils themselves come in a variety of concentrations regarding their CBD dose and the effects from all of them range from mild to greatly beneficial for the users.

The company itself ship to almost all states in the country and has a solid reputation with long-time CBD users. There are few downsides like having 0.3% THC and not shipping to a few certain places but those are just small bumps on the road of CBDPure. As a whole, thanks to ifs pure effect, natural taste and flavour, as well as the fact that their products are one of the most tested on the market, we gave them a score of five out of five stars.