Second on my list is yet another Diamond CBD product which is great for back issues and is also great for pain management, just as the Hemp Worx Relief CBD cream. It is not surprising that this company has more than one entry on mine or any other top 5 or 10 list for that matter. They are raising the bar higher and higher with each new product are at this point have become the gold standard when it comes to quality and effect.

Our Verdict: The Biotech Cream by Diamond CBD combines the natural resources of countless of ingredients, minerals, and vitamins along with a good dose of CBD to create a long-lasting soothing effect that will relieve you from your back pain. It is also ideal for other sports-related traumas or joint issues. The CBD is extracted from raw organic hemp plant and there is zero THC in the product. The only slight drawback, as it is with most Diamond CBD products is the price. 

In this review I will show you what are some of the best features of the Biotech cream, speak more about its usage and CBD concentration, as well as list out some of its most important advantages and disadvantages. Before I do that, though, I would like to take a moment and advice you on a few things regarding CBD products in general. Whether you are on a therapy regarding your back issues (or other conditions for that matter) or you don’t take any medication currently, you should always consult your physician before trying such products. Even though there are no known side effects and allergic reactions, CBD can interact with some modern drugs and worsen their performance resulting in a failed treatment.

The goal here is to help you deal with a condition by aiding the traditional therapy or just by allowing your body to try a new way of handling the issue. Either way, whether this is the right choice or not is entirely up to you to decide, and I hope that by the end of this review this decision is clear. Now, let’s dive into the features of the Biotech Cream by Diamond CBD.

Features That Make It Stand Out

The Biotech CBD cream is one of the newest DiamondCBD lines of premium sports creams. Its ingredients form a special blend which is ideal for people struggling with:

  • Back Issues
  • Muscle Ache
  • Joint pain
  • Sprains
  • Bruises
  • Other superficial trauma
  • Skin issues

The potency of this cream is thanks to what is inside of it. Speaking of that, let’s check out what exactly are you getting when you buy this product.

The Ingredients

The pure CBD isolate here is topped off with some of the best supplements that can help your body deal with all sorts of issues. Some of the additional compounds in the Biotech cream are:

  • Menthol
  • Mineral Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Tocopherol Acetate (Vit. E)

This is a very unique herbal blend that is patented and well-tested. You won’t find another CBD cream with that many additional supplements in it which are all beneficial in their own way, not to mention in such a combination.

The Effect Of CBD

I’ve covered this topic extensively throughout the site but what is most important is to mention how it can help people with back issues. Those aren’t necessarily athletes. More and more people who work on desk jobs are looking elsewhere for a solution to their back pain.

Apart from regular stretching and moving, CBD has great anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate some of the problems going on beneath your skin around the spine. The added menthol will further provide a soothing feeling which will promote adequate blood circulation in the area where you apply the cream. The extra blood flow will help with proper healing and will decrease pain-related symptoms. Other ingredients that will help directly with the pain are the camphor and tree oils.

The amount of CBD in this cream isn’t a lot but isn’t little either. There are three options you can choose from:

  • 250mg CBD
  • 500mg CBD
  • 1000mg CBD

All these come in a 4oz jar. I wouldn’t recommend the 1000mg CBD as a starter cream as it is just going to be too strong and the effect might be too overwhelming for the body. Start with smaller CBD concentrations and build your way up until a level where you a comfortable.

The 1000mg option is also the most expensive one almost twice as expensive as the 500mg one. It is a good deal but still a lot of money to give on a single product. Products in this price range are usually well worth the money due to the third-party testing they undergo and the amount of research & development money being poured into the products.

Free Delivery

What is great about this company’s products is that they ship free of charge to all of the United States if your order is above a hundred dollars. Sometimes they do promotions where every order is shipped for free so you might want to subscribe to their newsletter.

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Biotech’s Return Policies

Apart from the delivery goodness you will be enjoying if you buy products for more than a hundred dollars, you can also return them if you don’t feel any effect or simply do not like the product. Diamond CBD keeps a no-question policy as long as you return the remaining product. They even handle the return taxes for you which really goes to show that this is a company that cares about its reputation and caters to its customers the best way possible.

Using It

Applying this cream to your body is as easy as applying any other cream. If you are worried that you might experience some unwanted reaction, consult with your physician beforehand. If needed you can do an allergy test and see if you react poorly to CBD. Always stay on the safe side of things when it comes to new medication.

If you are having joint issues, apply the cream directly on top of the problematic joint. The effect should kick in within a few minutes and usually lasts for hours. It will calm the inflammation going on and help you manage with the pain.

If you want to check out other CBD creams and learn more about the process of making them and how do they exactly work, check out the Buyer’s Guide on the topic I’ve done.

Related Questions

How Long Will The Effect Last?

This really depends on where you applied the cream and how severe the issue is. For simple muscle or backaches, the effect lasts from a couple of hours up to half a day. If the inflammation and pain are more severe, then the effect will be fast-acting but also not very long lasting.

As a whole, this is a product designed to help you push through various traumatic conditions and supplement your main medication. For minor injuries, it can tackle the problem alone but you will have to be consistent.

Can This Cream Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Absolutely not. As with all other Diamond CBD products, thanks to the newest extraction and processing techniques, there is zero THC in any of the products. THC is associated with the “high” feeling you get from some of the CBD products which aren’t pure enough. It also positivizes drug tests and renders many products useless since the people who want to buy them work in places with random drug tests.

With the Biotech Cream you can be sure that you won’t get in trouble nor will you have any THC in your system.

I’ve covered the legal aspect of CBD products in this article in case you want to read more on the topic.

Now that we have answered some of the important questions it’s time for a little summary of what are the most important pros and cons of this CBD cream:


  • Features a unique herbal blend
  • Has three CBD concentrations to choose from
  • Diamond CBD offer a money-back guarantee
  • For the 1000mg cream you get free delivery
  • There is zero snake oil in it
  • Works great for back pain or spine issues
  • Ideal for sports-related traumas


  • Can feel a little pricey compared to other creams on the market
  • The 1000mg version is very strong and isn’t ideal for beginners

Are you feeling nauseous or experience frequent vomiting? CBD products just might be the right solution for your issues. Visit the dedicated article on the topic that I’ve written by clicking here.

Final Thoughts On The Diamond CBD Biotech Cream

Product Rating Updated June, 2024 (4.5/5)

Diamond CBD Biotech Cream

The Biotech CBD cream is a great addition to the already amazing variety of products Diamond CBD offers. It comes in three CBD concentrations which is great for newcomers as they can choose where to start from. Sure, the 1000mg version is a little too expensive but when you take into consideration how much development has gone into this product and the fact that it is one of the few creams with open third-party testing results, you begin to understand that this is actually a great value for money deal. On top of all that, you get a unique herbal blend that can be experienced only in this cream. As a whole, I gave it a four and a half out of five stars rating.