April, 2024

These CBD infused gummy bears by Diamond contain a whopping thirty milligrams of CBD per bear. Considered extremely potent, these gummies contain many of the same benefits of hemp oil, in a more portable package that will allow you to take your CBD dose with you when you’re on the go. Diamond has created a delicious CBD product that’s easy to use in terms of dosing and one that tastes exactly like the gummy candy you’ve enjoyed for years.

These gummies have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on why you’re using CBD. For the chronic pain sufferer or the insomniac, they can provide the type of CBD power and potency you need for treatment. However, if you’re new to CBD use, they may be too potent.

Our Verdict: The Diamond CBD infused gummy bears will work well for experienced CBD users, but they may be too powerful for new users. Each bear contains thirty milligrams of CBD, which is perfect for chronic pain sufferers, but at this strength, it can cause drowsiness in some people. Additionally, since these are edibles, you won’t feel the full effects of the CBD dose right away, like you will with other types of CBD products such as drops. Typically, most users have reported feeling the effects of the gummies within one hour. So, if you’re looking for a fast-acting product and one that can provide immediate relief, then this product may not be for you. If you’re an experienced CBD user, these gummies can provide the type of discreet convenience you need when you’re at work or out of the house.

Read on to learn why these gummy bears from Diamond received such as high user rating and what you can expect in terms of effectiveness and results.


Diamond is a company that offers an extensive line of CBD infused products ranging from dabs and vape pens, to edibles, a dedicated pet line, creams, drinks, and oils. They claim to offer the most potent CBD line on the market and have the lab reports to back it up. They also claim that their team consists of scientists and doctors that are dedicated to producing only the purest CBD products in the country.

Throughout the duration of the production process, Diamond carefully monitors each batch for quality. Only one hundred percent, all-natural CBD extract is used in each line of their products.

One of their newest products is their gummies line. Their colorful gummy bears taste the same as the traditional gummy bears you’ve loved for years, except these gummies are infused with CBD.


Per the manufacturer’s instructions, the recommended dosage is one to two gummies every six hours. Each of these gummies contains thirty milligrams of CBD. While you cannot fine-tune the dosage in this form, it does guarantee that you’re getting thirty milligrams of CBD per dose.

If you take one gummy and don’t achieve the ideal results within a two hour period, you can take an additional half or full gummy. The manufacturer states that you should not exceed two gummies in a six-hour period.

It’s important that you give the product the minimum two hours to take full effect before you decide to increase your dose. This is especially important for new users.

If you still do not experience the desired results after taking two gummies in a six-hour period, consult with your physician for more guidance in regards to a dosage that will work the best for you.

Side Effects

There are no known severe side effects associated with these CBD gummies. However, if you’re sensitive to CBD or you take too much you may experience the following side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Increased fatigue

Even these mild side effects are not commonly associated with these CBD gummies, but it is possible to experience side effects if you have never taken CBD before and you consume the max amount of CBD gummies in a six-hour period.


These gummies contain most of the same ingredients that traditional gummy candy does, including:

  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Gelatin
  • Mineral oil
  • Alcohol
  • Camauba wax
  • Citric acid
  • Water
  • CBD

The manufacturer also warns that those who have an egg or soy allergy may not want to use this product since it is produced in the same facility as products that contain both egg and soy.


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If you’ve been taking CBD products for years, then thirty or even sixty milligrams may not seem like enough to treat your condition, but considering Diamond claims their CBD is more potent than competing brands, you’ll be surprised at how powerful these gummies really are.

Each gummy bear contains thirty milligrams of CBD, which may be too much for new users. Of course, you can simply take half a bear in the beginning in order to gauge how your body responds to the dose. If you’re taking the gummies for severe pain or anxiety, then the higher dose may be the best option.

However, there have been some reports that the higher dose causes drowsiness, which can be problematic if you need to use CBD during the day. Companies such as HempMeds have combated this problem by producing products, such as their HempMeds Kicks sour apple chews, which contain one hundred milligrams of caffeine. Unfortunately, these Diamond gummies don’t contain caffeine, but the drowsiness may be combated if you’re a regular coffee drinker.

Lasting Effects

Most CBD products have an active life of four to six hours. Unlike CBD tinctures, which are quickly directed toward the bloodstream, these gummies are ingested and digested slowly over a period of three to four hours. This means you will enjoy the effects of the CBD for a longer period of time. Of course, it also means you won’t be hit with the entire dose at once like you will with fast dissolving softgels or drops, but the lasting power makes these gummies more suitable if you’re dealing with anxiety or chronic pain.

You can expect to feel some effects of the CBD within one hour of consumption. This is about average for most types of CBD edibles.

However, if you’re searching for a fast-acting CBD product, one that can provide results almost immediately, then these gummies are not the right option for you.

If you take these gummies on an empty stomach you may experience the effects in as little as twenty to thirty minutes.

To learn more about CBD and how it works, click here to read our buyer’s guide.

Related Questions

Do CBD Gummies Get You High?

This is a common misconception people have with CBD products. The active ingredient in this product is CBD. It does not contain THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical that does not produce that high feeling like THC does. Because of this, CBD use is legal in most states.

What are Relax Gummies?

CBD gummies are also referred to as relax gummies due to the fact that most CBD users have stated that CBD promotes relaxation. At times, in higher dosages, this can result in drowsiness, which is why you shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery if you’re new to CBD use.

How Long Does it Take CBD Gummies to Work?

These gummies, in particular, can take twenty minutes to one hour to take effect. Most CBD products can take twenty minute up to two hours before you’ll experience any effects of the supplement. This can also depend on why you’re using the gummies. If you’re using these gummies for anxiety or insomnia, you may experience better, more powerful results. Those who are using gummies to treat severe pain may not experience ideal results, especially if they are using only the gummies for pain management. Of course, the amount of time it takes for gummies to begin working will depend on the potency of the product and the person’s body weight.


  • Convenient to use
  • Perfect for travel
  • Great fruity taste
  • Thirty milligrams per gummy
  • Reasonably priced


  • These gummies can take up to an hour to take effect
  • May cause drowsiness
  • Because they are ingested, you will not feel the full effects of the dose all at once.

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Final Thoughts On The Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Product Rating Updated April, 2024 (4.5/5)

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy BearsDescribed as potent and powerful, Diamond has done it again, producing a product that can treat a wide range of conditions. The fact that they come in a convenient gummy form will allow you to easily and quickly take your daily dose of CBD when you’re not at home. It will also allow you to accurately determine the exact amount of CBD you’re using per dose, an issue that often arises for people that use CBD drops or vape pens.

The CBD infused gummy bears by Diamond feature an impressive thirty milligrams of CBD per dose and can make a great sugary treat in the middle of the day when you’re in need of some relief. While they may not offer the fast-acting formula that competing CBD products do, they do work for a longer period of time, up to six hours, which is perfect for chronic pain sufferers.