In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has caused more and more people to try the drug and experiment with terpenes, distillates, and anything infused with THC. CBD has also gained more attention as we learn more about the effects and health benefits it offers, and just how powerful it is. But does CBD get you high like marijuana can? What does it feel like when you use CBD oil or CBD infused products? One thing is for certain, CBD oils will not cause the same type of effects that marijuana will because CBD is THC-free. But while it can’t get you high, it still has plenty of health benefits to offer and is commonly used as part of a natural pain management treatment plan.

Does CBD get you high? No. CBD is not a psychoactive compound like THC is. When you use CBD you’ll remain fully alert. It will not cause any mental changes and will not leave you feeling sedated. CBD works in a different manner than THC and doesn’t bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. So, if you’re in need of an all-natural product to treat stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and one that will leave you feeling refreshed and alert, then CBD oil is an excellent option.

As you can see, CBD oil will not have any impact on mental clarity, instead, it will leave you feeling alert, allowing you to function as normal, which is why it’s often the go-to treatment for chronic pain sufferers in need of relief during the day. Now, let’s learn what makes CBD oil different from THC, how it makes you feel and how it can affect both the body and mind.

A Miracle Oil

CBD products are pretty popular these days as more manufacturers market their products as the go-to treatment for a wide range of ailments. The term CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is just one of several chemical compounds that are found in hemp and cannabis plants. THC is the most famous out of all the cannabinoids and it’s also the main psychoactive component in cannabis. But CBD is not psychoactive and because of this, it doesn’t create the same type of high that’s associated with marijuana use.

What CBD Can Do

CBD is commonly used to treat insomnia, inflammation, depression, stress, anxiety, and pain. These days, many of the leading CBD oils are marketed toward chronic pain sufferers, especially to those who suffer from joint pain. Many studies have also proven that CBD oil is effective in preventing seizures, which is why many people diagnosed with epilepsy have now turned to CBD use as a natural way to prevent these attacks without the use of medications that come with harsh side effects.

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

How Do You Use CBD Oil?

Once CBD has been extracted from hemp and cannabis plants it’s packaged in the form of concentrated creams or oils. Some companies will infuse their health and wellness products with CBD. This includes lotions, anti-aging creams, shampoos, and moisturizers. CBD is also infused into foods and beverages such as sparkling water, mints, chocolate, and candy. These days, CBD infused products are also made for animals and used to treat chronic pain and inflammation. It’s also a great option for pets that suffer from anxiety.

Some restaurants now offer menu items that are infused with CBD including burgers, sauces, and cocktails.

Even though you can find CBD infused food and products, it’s main purpose is medicinal, while THC is considered recreational.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

More studies are needed to determine the long-term effects of CBD use. However, from what studies have already shown us, CBD does seem to be perfectly safe and there is no chance of abuse or addiction.

The Power of Two Cannabinoids

Both CBD and THC are considered powerful cannabinoids that work the best when they’re used together. Studies have shown that THC and CBD interact synergistically, enhancing therapeutic effects. Scientists have discovered that a combination of THC and CBD offer a more power cancer cell fighting effect compared to either compound when used alone. Additionally, clinical research has demonstrated that THC and CBD combined can be more beneficial in terms of their ability to fight inflammation and treat pain.

How CBD Can Make You Feel

Many people mistakenly associate CBD with THC, at least in terms of how it makes you feel. This is one of the reasons why some people don’t use CBD infused products, but in reality, they’re missing out on all the benefits this powerful cannabinoid has to offer. Because CBD is not psychoactive like THC is, you won’t experience any type of sedative effects. In fact, you’ll remain totally alert, although some people do use CBD products to help treat anxiety or when they have trouble sleeping. Basically, CBD can help you feel relaxed, without making you feel tired. Below you’ll learn more about how CBD is used and the truth about how it will actually make you feel.

Most people are familiar with the effects of THC, the active compound in weed, but your experience using CBD oil will be much different. As I mentioned, since it’s not psychoactive, you won’t feel high. So, how do you take CBD? Cannabidiol is available in several formats, but instead of making the user feel euphoric, pure CBD takes effect in the body and doesn’t cause any significant mental changes that can alter your sense of reality. But why does THC cause users to feel high but CBD doesn’t? This is all a matter of how each type of cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This is the system that’s responsible for regulating many important body functions, such as pain, appetite, sleep, and mood. The receptors, which are found throughout the body, are influenced by how the naturally occurring cannabinoids act.

How CBD Can Make You Feel

Both cannabinoids, CBD and THC also interact with the endocannabinoid system. The effects of THC allow for a type of mind-altering experience for the user because THC can bind directly to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which is mainly found in the brain. By directing these receptors you will experience a high due to THC’s psychoactive properties.

Fighting Against the Effects of THC

CBD doesn’t directly bind to CB1 or 2 receptors to activate them. Instead, CBD will influence and interact with them in different ways. Additionally, because it doesn’t bind to the receptors it will not cause you to feel high. Instead, it can work to counteract the mind-altering effects of THC.

In terms of how both of these cannabinoids affect mood, you won’t feel sluggish, high, or any mental changes when you take CBD. But you’ll definitely feel some positive effects from CBD use, just not in the same manner that you’ll feel the effects of THC.

Instead, CBD will make you feel:

  • Focused
  • Alert
  • Calm
  • Relaxed
  • Pain-free

A Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

While CBD will not cause you to feel high, that doesn’t mean it can’t affect your mood. It can also be an effective treatment for people who are prone to depression. Studies have shown that CBD use can help to alleviate many of the feelings associated with depression and can help to instantly boost the user’s mood. This is because CBD can increase the levels of serotonin in the body. Many researchers believe that lower than average levels of serotonin are responsible for depression. Antidepressants prescribed to people with a depression diagnosis are designed to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain in order to elevate mood and CBD products have been shown to do the same.

Energy Boost

Many CBD users have reported that they feel more energetic after using CBD infused products. Instead of that crash that comes with THC use, CBD provides long-lasting energy thanks to its ability to send nutrients exactly where the body needs them.

GI Relief

If you normally experience nausea as a side effect of medication, CBD can be used to alleviate this side effect. As I mentioned earlier, CBD plays a major role in the endocannabinoid system, with its ability to influence certain sensations in the body. This includes nausea. When you use CBD it can interact with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which is partially responsible for the feelings of nausea.

Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep

CBD is a very versatile cannabinoid. It has the ability to increase energy and boost mental clarity, but it can also be used to help you sleep better at night. It has the ability to positively impact the sleep and wake cycles, helping to improve sleep quality. It’s also been shown to reduce insomnia in chronic pain sufferers.

Anxiety Treatment

When you first begin using products like R And R Medicinals Hemp Oil, if you normally struggle with anxiety, you may notice that you’re not feeling anxious like you normally do. In fact, many anxiety sufferers recommend CBD oils because they don’t cause any type of sedated effects and allow you to function normally, without the intense anxiety that would normally cripple you. And the best part is, CBD oil use is simple, you can take it straight from the dropper, mix it in a bowl of oatmeal, or even add it to your morning coffee.

Pain Management and the Effects of CBD Oil

As I already mentioned, you will not experience any type of psychoactive effects when taking CBD infused products, including the oil. You will not feel sedated, or high, and you won’t have any unusual food cravings. If you’re taking CBD oil to treat chronic pain, it can do wonders in terms of an all-natural pain management solution. Since you will not feel any effects from the CBD oil, you will be able to function as normal when you’re at home or at the office. You’ll simply be out of pain, which is more than enough for the chronic pain sufferer.

Medication Interactions

Another common worry that new CBD users have is how CBD will affect the other medications they are currently taking. Fortunately, CBD oil will not cause any type of drug interactions. If you’re still not sure whether or not CBD oil will have a negative impact on your current medication regimen, you can also speak with a pharmacist or your physician.

You Can Take CBD Oil Anytime

Because it doesn’t make you high and you won’t feel sedated, you can take CBD whenever you need it. This means if you’re dealing with stress or anxiety at work, it’s totally safe to take a dose of CBD oil because you will remain fully alert. This is a huge bonus to anyone who is unable to take their anxiety or pain medication due to the sedating effects.

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Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?

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Final Thoughts

Does CBD get you high? No. Since CBD is not psychoactive, you will not experience the type of high that’s associated with products that are infused with THC. However, while CBD oil will not cause any type of mental changes, it can help to reduce anxiety and stress, elevate the mood, promote sleep, and help to treat chronic inflammation. CBD oil can be used at any time of the day or night since it does not cause any feelings of sedation. Basically, this versatile compound can be used to naturally treat a wide range of ailments, but you’ll remain fully alert and naturally energized.