If you’ve used terpenes in the past, then you’re probably familiar with Elevation Terpenes, a brand that’s known for their pure formulas and their variety of profiles to choose from. However, their isolates are also a great option since they give you more control over dosing and allow you to see how your body and mind respond to treatment. This limonene isolate consists of a single type of terpene.

Unlike profiles an isolate will give you more control over how much of a specific type of terpene you use whether you’re vaping, smoking, or applying it topically. This isolate is in its pure form, which means it contains one hundred percent limonene with no other additives. If you’re not familiar with terpene isolates or terpenes in general and would like to learn more about terpene uses and the types of benefits this particular isolate has to offer, then read on to find out what you can expect concerning performance, potency, and effects.

Our Verdict: This isolate by Elevation Terpenes contains one hundred percent pure, organic d-limonene. This highly potent formula must be diluted prior to use. Unlike a profile, this isolate allows you to have total control over how much d-limonene you use during aromatherapy or when applied topically. I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a pure isolate that can promote relaxation, can naturally reduce pain and inflammation, and one that is widely used for its healing properties.

Overview and Features

You’ve probably smelled d-limonene but never realized it. It’s a common ingredient in many cleaning products and comes from the peels of citrus fruits. The strong sweet aroma is powerful, without being overwhelming, in fact, many people who have used d-limonene during aromatherapy treatment have described the scent as pleasant and very refreshing. But this terpene can do a lot more than leave you feeling alert and refreshed.

This terpene offers users a way to naturally lose weight by curbing the appetite, a safer way to manage pain and reduce inflammation, and many other health benefits.

The manufacturer, Elevation Terpenes are known for their pure terpene isolates and profiles that are additive-free. This includes absolutely no vitamins or fillers, or any other type of unlisted ingredients. This is simply a one hundred percent pure, organic d-limonene isolate. The company also tests each batch to ensure their products meet safety standards, which means they’re free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Their latest isolate, d-limonene not only offers a calming and relaxing effect, but it’s often used for its ability to eliminate cancer cells, protect the stomach lining, and even helps to promote weight loss. As you can see, this is a very versatile terpene and one that’s used for so much more than just enhancing your high.

Often d-limonene is used by people struggling to lose weight. If you’re significantly overweight, then this isolate can help, especially if you have issues with portion control. However, since this product is so powerful, you will need to be extra careful with dose size and frequency.

Elevation Terpenes: D-Limonene Isolate

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Mood elevator
  • Organic
  • One hundred percent pure
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Promotes weight loss

Extraction and Harvest

The manufacturer uses the steam distillation process in order to extract the terpenes. Steam is often used by the biggest brands in the industry because it’s the best way to extract the terpenes without destroying a large majority of the terpene content. Low-quality terpenes are typically extracted via heat or cold, which can negatively affect the terpene content.

This isolate is sourced from the peels of citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, mandarin oranges, navel oranges, and limes. It gets its name from the lemon and is commonly used in cleaning products and as a flavoring agent. It differs slightly from l-limonene, which is derived from mint oil.  It’s also commonly sold as a dietary supplement because it offers many health benefits, in addition to its ability to lower cholesterol and dissolve fats. People who commonly use terpenes for weight loss often rely on d-limonene’s ability to curb the appetite.

Health Benefits

Holistic practitioners believe that D-limonene can not only help the body burn fat, but it can also help to kill disease-causing germs and can minimize inflammation. D-limonene is commonly used to make chemical solvents, botanical pesticides, perfumes, and hand sanitizers, which is where many of these beliefs are culled from.

Some of the conditions people use this terpene to treat include:

  • IBS
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Certain cancers
  • Bronchitis
  • Heartburn
  • Gallstones
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Gerd

This isolate can also be used in aromatherapy for its stress-relieving properties.

Currently, there isn’t much evidence to support claims that this terpene can effectively treat any medical condition. With that being said, there have been a number of preliminary studies that hint at the many benefits of d-limonene, which is why studies are ongoing.

There’s some evidence that shows that this product can help to promote weight loss by lowering lipids that are associated with metabolic syndrome and by lowering blood sugar. Studies have shown that this terpene may also be helpful in treating or preventing metabolic syndrome, however, it’s not clear what type of dose you would need to use to achieve these benefits. With this particular isolate, because it’s undiluted, you should begin with a smaller dose, using the included dropper in order to accurately measure. You can increase or decrease your dose based on how you feel once the terpene takes effect.

Power of D-Limonene


If you’re suffering from gastrointestinal diseases or peptic ulcers, then this isolate can help. This terpene can protect the lining of the stomach, which will be essential if you often take anti-inflammatory medications. So, how does this terpene protect stomach lining? By increasing the production of gastric mucus.

This isolate is often used for its ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, in addition to its anti-inflammatory effects.

In terms of pain relief, when dosed correctly, it can reduce widespread pain by as much as sixty-three percent. When used in aromatherapy, it can help to reduce pain, vomiting, and nausea.

Did you know that d-limonene can also help protect your eyes? Oxidative stress can damage cells and is caused by free radicals. Since d-limonene contains antioxidant properties it can protect the cells in the eyes from damage caused by free radicals by eliminating them from the body.

It’s often used for its antioxidant benefits and also supports the body’s main antioxidant, glutathione.

Side Effects

There are some side effects linked to using this terpene, especially in isolate form. In some people, it can cause reflux or an upset stomach. In very high doses it can cause blood in the urine. If applied topically, without diluting, it can cause mild to moderate skin irritation. Always mix this terpene with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or avocado oil, to avoid irritation. Since little is known about this terpene, I recommend contacting your physician if you’re nursing or pregnant. Additionally, speak with your child’s pediatrician before you use this terpene for aromatherapy or topical application.

If used for weight loss purposes, you must be careful when measuring your dose. A higher dose can cause nausea and an upset stomach. The goal of taking this terpene for weight loss is to help curb your appetite. If you’re significantly overweight, speak with your doctor prior to use. If you’re currently taking other medication designed to promote weight loss, this terpene can negatively impact treatment, however, in some cases, it can also make the medication work more effectively.

Possible Drug Interaction

If you’re currently taking medications, speak with your doctor prior to use to prevent any possible drug interactions. This terpene utilizes many of the same liver enzymes that other medications use for metabolization. That being said, this terpene can decrease or increase the concentration of certain medications since they basically compete for the same enzymes.

Weight Loss

I’ve briefly touched on how this isolate can promote weight loss. But how? In addition to helping the body to burn fat, it also helps to curb the appetite. To use for weight loss, I recommend taking the terpene at least thirty minutes prior to a meal. In some cases, people claimed that taking the terpene sixty minutes before a meal was more effective. When taken before eating, you’ll find that you eat forty to sixty percent less. This can help you to significantly cut your daily caloric intake.

By cutting out five hundred calories a day, you can anticipate losing two to four pounds per week. When taking d-limonene for this purpose, you’ll want to be extra careful with your dosing. If you use too high of a dose it can cause nausea. Additionally, it can cause you to lose too much weight too quickly, which can result in you gaining it all back once you cease using this terpene. If you’re not sure what dose to try or if this terpene is right for you, speak with your doctor before taking.

Dosage and Dilution

While there are currently no real guidelines for D-limonene use, the manufacturer recommends starting off with a few drops taken with or without food. Avoid exceeding ten drops in a twenty-four hour period.

Remember, this oil can be inhaled or used topically. If you have very sensitive skin you’ll want to avoid using more than a few drops for your first treatment. Apply the carrier oil and terpene mixture to a small area of the skin. Wait twenty-four hours before liberally applying the topical in order to determine how it affects your skin. In some cases, it can cause a rash, redness, and severe irritation. If you notice any burning sensation or irritation, wash the oil off immediately using a mild soap.

Since this terpene can also be used for aromatherapy, make sure you carefully dilute it using an appropriate carrier oil and only add three to five drops per treatment session. If you have pets in the home I recommend speaking with your vet to determine whether or not this terpene is safe for use around dogs and cats as some are not.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Calming effect
  • One hundred percent pure
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Can protect the stomach lining
  • Organic
  • Reduces pain and inflammation


  • Can cause stomach upset
  • Possible drug interactions

Elevation Terpenes Versus Limoncello Profile

Both of these products are d-limonene isolates. So, which one is better? Considering both manufacturers claim that their products are organic, one hundred percent pure with no fillers or additives and both provide the same types of effects in terms of promoting a calming effect, and working as natural mood elevators, the choice here is really which brand to go with. Each manufacturer has received high user ratings due to their potent formulas, however, considering that each isolate may work slightly differently because they’re derived from different plants, leaves it open to a debate concerning if the Limoncello Profile is more effective.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

bottleAs you can plainly see, this pure organic isolate by Elevation Terpenes can offer a number of health benefits when used correctly, with the right dose. Powerful, and designed to calm the body and mind, reduce pain and inflammation, and aid in weight loss, this isolate offers a wide range of health benefits, but unlike other terpene isolates and profiles, this terpene works best when inhaled via aromatherapy, or when applied topically to the skin. With the use of steam distillation, you can be sure the manufacturer has taken every step to ensure that this isolate is one hundred percent pure, which leads to better treatment results. I gave this isolate a rating of four and a half out of five stars.