June, 2024

Coming on third place is another great CBD cream which is designed to help with pain but this time there is a major difference in the amount of CBD present. The same way Diamond CBD focuses on using strong and potent concentrations of cannabidiol in their products, HempWorx takes a much softer approach by mixing lower dosages of CBD with other ingredients which are also helpful in their own way. This is why when it comes to slow but long-lasting soothing effect, the Relief cream from their line is such a good overall product.

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a natural approach to your pain this is a good place to start. The Relief Icy Pain Rub cream is one of the best in its business and manages to leave a pleasant sensation at the damaged area of your body by combining ingredients like menthol, CBD, emu oil, coconut oil, and many others. It feels and smells like a normal pain-relief cream but the magic that happens once its absorbed is almost unmatched. 

Before we move on with the features of this cream I would like to explain why CBD products are to be taken seriously. Even if you are not allergic to the hemp plant, the oil from it, and most importantly the compounds of that oil can work against some of the medication you are taking. Always consult your physician before you decide on treating yourself with a cream containing strong substances like CBD. For an extra safety measure, try applying the cream on a small patch of skin to see whether you get any adverse reactions.

If you want to learn more about CBD creams and CBD in general, head over to this Buyer’s Guide. There, you will find all the information you need plus some other great products to choose from. Now, let’s move on with the features of this cream.

Features That Make It Stand Out

One of the most important products about this cream and any other HempWorx product is that their CBD-infused products are produced on our own soil. The cannabidiol is extracted from locally-grown organic hemp located in the state of Kentucky. The hemp plant they use is GMO-free and their extraction method includes no fillers, contaminants or unwanted ingredients.

I must point out that their process isn’t perfect. Even though their products are FDA-approved and are complaint with the regulations, there is still THC in them (less than 0.3%). This should make you think twice before using this cream as you can positivize a drug test. If you let your employer know about this and he is okay with that, then it isn’t an issue but this amount is in the realm of “trace” amounts which means that there will be THC in your system even in the smallest of amounts. Still, after a few days of not using the cream there shouldn’t be any amount of it left in your system. That period is shorter if you actively train, sweat, and drink water on a regular basis.

Where This Cream Excels

The conditions with which this cream is proven to help the most are:

  • Muscle Ache
  • Joint Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Other pain-related conditions

It also helps with other skin-related issues but I will speak about that later in this review.

The absorption rate of this cream is also one of the quickest I’ve seen. It goes through your skin very fast and can be used with clothes on as it won’t stain them. Once it goes through your skin, you feel an immediate relaxation of the muscles underneath this place and a calming icy effect coming from the menthol inside this cream. Speaking of menthol, let me share with you some of the ingredients present here, as it is a truly unique mix…

The Ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients present in most creams which are also used here such as Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, etc. Those are typical cream-like chemical compounds that cause no side effects and are needed for the consistency and effect of the cream.

The stars of the show here are a few special supplements that HempWorx carefully picked for their cream:

  • Emu Oil
  • Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract
  • Boswellia Serrata (extract)
  • Leaf Juice from Aloe Barbadensis

This combination apart from being unique is quite the head-turner. All of the ingredients you see here help with a list of conditions and their combined effect creates the much needed pain relief without the need of a high dose of CBD. In fact, the dosage here is 25mg which is probably the lowest you will ever see in a CBD cream, making this an ideal option for beginners as well.

This mix has proven itself as a more potent pain killer than most opioids sold on the market currently. What is even better is that it doesn’t pose any addiction issues to its user.

The scent of menthol is a nice touch that isn’t necessary but makes the process of using this cream so much easier and pleasant to our nose. Menthol, as I pointed out already, also has a list of other benefits to our health.

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Related Questions

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Can I Experience Side Effects When Using HempWorx Products?

Side effects are something that you can experience with virtually any compound that isn’t known to your body. In the case of CBD products you can experience allergic reactions to the hemp oil and its compounds (cannabidiol, fatty acids, and others).

You can also experience allergic reactions to some of the other compounds of this cream such as the menthol, emu oil, and coconut oil.

Other than those reactions there are no other known side effects from this cream.

Can This Cream Help With Other Conditions?

Yes, the fact that there is cannabidiol inside lets you know that this cream can help with all sorts of other conditions varying from skin to other bone or joint issues.

One of the major skin issues CBD creams (or CBD products for that matter) help with is psoriasis. It is a very demoralizing condition which is mostly congenital and affects a person’s social life in a grave manner. Click here to read on how CBD products are helping people with psoriasis.

Is The CBD Amount Adequate?

Well, that depends on what you need it for. 50mg is way less than some other creams that I’ve reviewed on this site but what is important here is the combination with the 10% emu oil which makes a potent effect on most pain-related issues. Simply put, if you are new to CBD products and want to try out a product with less CBD at start, this is one of the best choices for you.

Now that we’ve gone through most of the features that define this cream and answered some of the most important questions, it is time to move on to the pros and cons of this product.


  • Very fast-acting effect
  • Soothes pain and lasts for hours
  • Great price to value ratio
  • Comes from a trusted company
  • CBD is from raw organic hemp extract
  • Can treat a variety of other conditions
  • Has a nice blend of ingredients
  • Is ideal for people new to CBD products due to the lower CBD amount


  • The “Zero THC” claim is theoretically wrong
  • People who are used to take higher CBD-dosed products might find this cream’s effect weak

One well-known side effect you can get from cancer treatment is nausea and vomiting. In recent years, doctors have found out that CBD products greatly decrease those side effects and help patients cope better with their condition. Find out more about this topic by clicking here.

Final Thoughts On The HempWorx Relief Icy Pain Rub

Product Rating Updated June, 2024 (4.5/5)

HempWorx Relief Icy Pain Rub

As a whole, the Relief CBD cream by HempWorx is a good example that you don’t really need a lot of cannabidiol inside your product in order for it to work properly. The unique blend of ingredients present here is potent enough to soothe and calm down any injured area of your body. Having CBD inside also means that you will be able to use this cream for a large variety of other skin-related issues. Still, for the main purpose of this cream (sports-related trauma) this is more than a great first choice for people who aren’t used to CBD products are now starting to use them. The small amount of CBD and practically close to zero THC inside will allow you to enjoy the full benefits without worrying about any side effects associated with high doses in sensitive people.

What kept me from giving a perfect score to this cream is the fact that HempWorx has failed to use the latest extraction techniques and have thus left trace amounts of THC in their cream. I am not saying THC is bad, as it is the contrary, but people who work in drug testing environment are bound to look elsewhere due to this issue. All in all, I gave the Relief CBD cream a score of four and a half out of five stars.