The Pineapple Express cannabis strain is one of the most popular on the market, so it comes as no surprise that this terpene profile by Kind Terpenes that contains a blend of the same terpenes as the strain, is one of their best-sellers.

There are many terpene uses, but those specifically looking for a profile that’s calming and relaxing will want to give this unique profile a shot. The mixture of terpenes in this blend will work together synergistically to achieve the desired effects, however, in some users, this profile may potentially cause drowsiness, which is something you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for a blend that can get you going and motivated to face the day.

Our Verdict: This Pineapple Express strain inspired terpene blend will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and mentally focused. However, since it does contain a high myrcene content it can potentially cause drowsiness in some users. Because of this, you’ll want to experiment with a lower dosage at home, and gradually increase the dose based on the desired effects. The manufacturer utilizes a triple steam distillation process, which ensures a higher terpene content, a purer formula, and better results. I would recommend this blend for people in need of a natural way to manage pain, anxiety, inflammation, and those looking for a profile that can increase mental focus.

Overview and Features

Pineapple Express is a movie that all cannabis smokers are familiar with and it’s what made the strain so popular. However, the term pineapple express has been around for decades and it’s actually used to describe a high level of rainfall in coastal areas. But these days, when someone mentions Pineapple Express, most people will either think of the movie, or true cannabis smokers will think fondly of the popular strain that causes euphoric effects.

This profile contains the same terpenes found in the popular strain, so it can cause many of the same effects, however, it doesn’t contain the psychoactive chemical THC, so you will not experience the same type of high that the cannabis strain is known for. However, you can enjoy many of the same effects such as improved mental clarity, reduced stress and anxiety, improved energy, and elevated mood.

Kind Terpenes Pineapple Express Strain Specific Terpenes Profile Solution Concentrate

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Mood elevator
  • Improved mental focus and clarity
  • Pain reduction
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Fruity aroma and flavor
  • Non-psychoactive

Pineapple Express Inspiration

This strain reached a whole new level of celebrity status due to the action-comedy, which was released back in 2008. The movie starred James Franco and Seth Rogan. However, the real-life strain is quite different from the strain that’s depicted in the movie. It’s not nearly as rare as it is in the film. In fact, it can be found at most dispensaries all over the country. While the origin of this particular strain is impossible to trace, word has it that it’s a hybrid byproduct of the popular Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains.

The Hawaiian strain is a sativa plant, which didn’t actually originate in Hawaii, however, it’s believed to have developed adaptations to the type of climate over the years. Keep in mind, Pineapple Express has been around for years and this plant likely contains many different genetic and phenotype variations. This strain grown in one state may contain markedly different terpene levels compared to plants that are categorized as the same strain that are grown in a different state. This means that the strain itself can be quite different from plant to plant.

Terpene Content

The best thing about a profile is the fact that they come loaded with a variety of terpenes, so you can enjoy a totally new experience, based on the terpenes in the blend and the percentage. The included terpenes in this profile are the same ones you’ll find in Pineapple Express.

While they may not cause the same mind and body high that you’ll experience when smoking that strain, they do offer some of the same effects. Additionally, if you want to add terpenes to your cannabis, THC, or the best CBD drops, it can also enhance its effectiveness, which means a longer, stronger high, in addition to improved absorption. Below is a list of the terpenes included in this profile:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool

The formula consists of a high myrcene content, which is what gives this profile the aroma of tropical fruit. Caryophyllene is also prominent, which is why the aroma has earthy notes. The candy-like aroma and flavor are also due to the linalool content.

Linalool is known for its sweet candy-like scent. Since the profile is also pinene heavy, it offers an earthy flavor. When combined, these terpenes create a type of piney, tropical, sweet flavor. However, dry mouth is one of the profile’s most notable effects, so you need to be careful concerning how many drops you use per dose, especially if you’re new to terpene use.

Terpene Effects


Many people mistakenly purchase terpenes thinking they’ll provide the same type of high that cannabis or THC extracts do, but since terpenes are non-psychoactive and don’t contain THC, you’ll feel more of a mellow mind and body change, without the high effect. Some users have reported not feeling anything at all, other than a reduction in their pain, inflammation, or anxiety. Many people who are familiar with terpenes and how they work prefer to use them instead of cannabis because the terpenes don’t typically cause sedation and will not have a negative impact on energy levels. However, there are some terpenes for sleep that can potentially cause drowsiness.

Those new to terpene use may not know how to properly measure a dose or even what dose to begin with. During use, a person may immediately feel their mind and body relax as a calming effect washes over them. They may also feel a boost in mental clarity and alertness. When trying terpenes for the first time, it’s always recommended to begin low and gradually increase dose size.

In pop culture, the Pineapple Express strain has a reputation for its energizing effects and its lack of sedative effects. The terpene profile offers a similar experience, which makes it a profile that’s best used during the day. But, while this blend does not cause any feelings of sedation, users may experience a low-key mellow vibe and natural mood elevation.


This profile is very different from indica-based terpene blends. In lab tests, the blend shows inflammation-fighting potential, which makes it a great choice for people in need of terpenes for pain. It also produces a calming effect that will be a blessing for any user that suffers from chronic stress and/or anxiety.

The presence of myrcene in this profile also means that this blend may produce a slightly drowsy experience for some users, in addition to calming and pain-relieving effects. Because every person’s brain chemistry is unique, I recommend beginning with a small dose in the afternoon. This will help you gauge how the terpene blend affects you, whether you feel calm and slightly drowsy, or calm and more mentally alert. Based on how your body and brain respond to the terpenes you can determine when the best time to take it will be.

Additionally, the profile can also enhance feelings of physical relaxation, so it’s a good fit for anyone experiencing muscle tension and pain. While myrcene is known for its sedative effects, limonene has the opposite effect. This terpene contains energetic and uplifting properties. It’s also one of the most abundant terpenes found in nature.

This antioxidant has potential cancer-preventative and antidepressant effects. In some studies, it has also shown anti-asthmatic and anti-inflammatory effects. This profile contains high concentrations of limonene, which can promote feelings of ease, while also minimizing inflammatory pain.

While all terpenes in a profile provide a distinctive taste and aroma, myrcene in particular, is one that plays a huge role in boosting the effectiveness of certain compounds. This interaction is referred to as the entourage effect.

When added to THC, CBD, or your favorite strain, the myrcene is what will play a major role in enhancing the quality of the experience, while boosting the activation of the CB1 receptors. It will also increase the active time of certain compounds and their entry through the blood and brain barrier, so you’ll feel the results of cannabis, THC, and CBD faster. Additionally, in cannabis, myrcene levels will play a role in determining whether a plant will be sativa or indica.

How to Use

Pick a day when you don’t have to be anywhere. This is always wise with any new type of terpene isolate or blend you try. Since the profile may potentially cause drowsiness, don’t plan on driving anywhere. You can gauge the effects of a dose usually within a matter of twenty to thirty minutes. However, because the profile can also improve mental clarity and focus, you also don’t want to take it too late in the day, otherwise, you may have a difficult time falling asleep. Begin with just two drops for your first dose.

You can add an additional two to three drops after one hour if you don’t experience any effects or the desired results. This is an as-needed terpene, which means you can take additional doses daily, however, you should not exceed ten drops within twenty-four hours. If you still feel productive and notice a boost in mental focus, then this profile should be safe for use during the day, even when you’re not at home.

If you feel somewhat drowsy, then this blend will be a better fit for nighttime use, especially if you have anxiety or a difficult time falling asleep. Make sure when measuring a dose that you use the included dropper. Pipettes and droppers that come with other brands of terpenes will not be the same size, which will make it difficult to determine your exact dose.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Fruit flavor and aroma
  • Mood elevating
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Calming effect
  • Pure terpene content
  • Easy-measure dropper included


  • May cause drowsiness

Kind Terpenes Versus Elevation Terpenes

The comparison here is between one of Kind Terpene’s biggest competitors; Elevation Terpenes. Of course, this particular product is an isolate, not a profile like Pineapple Express. The limonene isolate provides a calming, relaxing effect and has a strong citrus flavor and aroma. There are drawbacks for both isolates and profiles.

When you use an isolate, you know exactly what you’re getting and how much, but it lacks the versatility and potential effects that a profile offers since this profile is made up of several different types of terpenes that work together synergistically to produce certain effects. However, with a profile, you can never be sure what percentage of any given terpene is in the formula. Both products offer similar effects, however, Pineapple Express is more likely to cause drowsiness due to the high myrcene content.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

pineappleUsing terpenes can have a major impact on your quality of life, especially if you’re searching for a natural way to reduce inflammation or minimize pain. This particular blend can also give you the energy boost you’re looking for if your goal is to be more productive. Pineapple Express can relax the body and mind, while also naturally elevating the mood and improving mental clarity. However, since it has a heavy myrcene content it may cause drowsiness in some users, while other users will state it gives them a nice natural energy boost.

Basically, you won’t know how this terpene profile will affect you until you try it. The pure formula is pretty powerful, so start off with a lower dose until you can gauge how it affects your body and mind. The dose size can be increased gradually until you achieve the ideal results. Overall, this profile offers some impressive effects thanks to the manufacturer’s careful extraction process that ensures the terpene content is pure. I gave this product a rating of four and a half out of five stars.