Which CBD product is best for me? This should be determined by the reason you need to use CBD. If you have chronic, severe pain, then you’ll need a product that’s fast-acting. If you suffer from depression or chronic pain, then you will need a product that can provide all-day relief. If you suffer from panic attacks or nausea, then you will want a product that will begin working in seconds. Additionally, the CBD product’s potency will also be important, since severe pain or anxiety can require a more potent product.

Before you buy, it’s important to learn how to determine which type of CBD product can provide the best results, how they work, how long they last, and when you can begin to feel their effects.

CBD comes in many forms including drops, oils, creams, and edibles. People can take CBD for a variety of health conditions ranging from skin issues to anxiety or pain management. Considering how many different types of CBD products there are to choose from and the many different brands that have launched over the past couple of years, choosing a quality CBD product that works may seem like a lot of work. You may even be wondering “what CBD product is best for me?” The type of CBD product you use should be based on your needs. If you need a fast-acting product, drops are a great option. If you need to treat mild anxiety, depression, or want to relax, then a slower-acting product, such as edibles can be the perfect solution. For skin issues or mild joint pain, a topical will be the best fit.

We’ll take a more in-depth look regarding the different types of CBD products that are available to choose from, how to choose one based on your needs, and which products I recommend based on quality and product purity.

CBD Treatment

CBD will provide you with a side-effect free and natural alternative to prescribed and over the counter medications. In most cases, it’s also a more affordable solution.

Some people will use CBD products to treat anxiety, promote relaxation, or sleep, or to naturally treat pain. Others will use it for general wellness or topically to treat a skin condition. But finding the right product based on your needs and budget isn’t as easy as it sounds. Since the news has spread that CBD is powerful and effective, there’s no shortage of companies out there that offer a variety of oils, creams, drops, lotions, and more. In fact, choosing a product that works can be a little overwhelming. So, how can you determine which type of CBD product is a good fit for you and one that will be the most effective? Let’s find out.

CBD oil can be used to treat:

  • Skin conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • IBS
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Seizures
  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation

The versatility of CBD makes it seem like a wonder drug of sorts since it can treat almost anything that ails you while providing natural therapeutic benefits and without any harmful side effects.

Unlike prescription pain medication or anti-inflammatories, CBD oil does not have any harmful or serious side effects.

But is it really safe?

CBD Testing

CBD Testing

In general, CBD is safe to use, one of the major things you’ll need to keep your eye out for is potency. There are many new companies popping up all the time that produce CBD products, all of which contain the highest CBD content or the purest product, but many of these companies don’t even bother to test each batch or have their products tested by a third-party company. However, there are some manufacturers out there that do. These are the companies that will proudly display their test results directly on their website or provide them upon request. Of course, they may also sell their products at a higher price, but it’s definitely worth spending more to know you’re getting a product that contains enough CBD to matter. When you’re shopping for CBD, look at the product’s label for information regarding potency and whether or not the product has been tested. You should also pay close attention to where the company gets its CBD from. A legitimate company will freely give out this information including how the hemp was grown and the process used to extract the CBD. A company that’s not very forthcoming regarding potency and its harvesting process isn’t one I would trust.


Products that are sold in dropper bottles will come in different concentration levels. The amount of CBD found per container should be listed on the package. If you’re in need of CBD oil to treat severe pain or anxiety, then a higher concentration will be crucial. Some companies will list the CBD content in milligrams, while others will list the concentration in percentages. While a CBD oil with a higher concentration will be more effective, I recommend starting off slow and gradually increasing your dose based on your response to the product. Look for a product that is moderately powerful, this will make it easier to adjust your dosage.


Another factor that can help you determine whether or not a product is right for you is the price. While some highly concentrated CBD products come with a higher initial cost, they usually provide more value over time compared to a cheaper lower concentrated product. You won’t need to use nearly as much of the product, however, it can be more difficult to determine the correct dosage if the oil is very strong.

How to Use CBD Products Based on Need

The best way you can determine the right CBD product for you is your reason for using it in the first place. Everyone will process cannabinoids slightly differently, which means the type and dosage of CBD that may have worked for your friend’s arthritis may not work for yours. This means it can take a little guesswork on your part to find the right form of CBD that will work the best for you.

If you’re trying to rule out different forms of CBD to pinpoint the right type that will be the most effective for you, then you’ll need to use the following questions to help you rule out the many forms that CBD comes in:

  • Dose: Is the dosing easy to adjust and what type of dose should you begin with?
  • Onset time: How long does it take the product to work? Do you need a faster-acting product or a slow-release CBD product?
  • Treatment areas: What parts of the body will be affected the most by the CBD product?
  • Duration of treatment: How long will each dose last?

The dosing frequency and size can all be dependent on the quality of the product or why you’re using it. Below you’ll find some examples of the different forms CBD comes in, how long a dose will typically last, and how each type is distributed throughout the body. This will give you a better idea of what form of CBD to look for in addition to its concentration and the average dosing size and frequency.



Vaping offers one of the fastest onset times, so it would be a great choice if you’re in need of CBD for pain or anxiety. The onset is within just a few seconds, however, products that aren’t potent may take a few minutes before you feel any relief. In terms of distribution, when you vape CBD it will immediately affect your lungs, followed by your brain and heart, after which it will be distributed evenly throughout the body. The effects will typically subside after a couple of hours. When drugs are inhaled they will usually reach the brain before they are metabolized in the liver. Because of the faster onset time, vaping can also be ideal to treat migraines, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome.


The onset for most edibles is one to two hours. The typical dosage is five milligrams of CBD. Since the CBD is absorbed in the gut, then filtered in the liver, the distribution is done evenly throughout the body. The effects of edibles can be felt for six to ten hours. When CBD is ingested it is absorbed in the intestines before it’s sent to the liver. Because of this, it can take an average of one hour before you begin to experience any effects. To learn more about CBD edibles, click here to read my buyer’s guide. Since edibles are not fast-acting, they would be a better option if you’re suffering from mild depression or anxiety, joint pain, or mild pain.


Drops are administered under the tongue, so they have a faster onset time compared to edibles. On average, the user should begin to feel the effects in about ten to twenty minutes. The starting dose for CBD in this form should be around two and a half to three milligrams. When taken in drop form, the CBD is absorbed in the bloodstream and is then distributed evenly. The effects should last for a period of five to eight hours. This method is best for people in need of faster relief. It’s a good option for people in need of CBD to treat depression, anxiety, moderate to severe pain, inflammation, or upset stomach. Drops such as CBD Pure Hemp Oil Extract features a higher concentration, which can result in a longer duration and a faster onset time. To learn more about the best CBD drops,  and which oil to choose, click here to read my buyer’s guide.


CBD creams can be used to treat joint pain and skin issues. Topicals will not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Onset is often twenty to thirty minutes after the cream has been applied. The acting time ranges from three to six hours, depending on concentration and how you applied the cream, whether lightly or liberally. Obviously, a thicker layer of cream will last for a longer period of time. In terms of distribution, the CBD will only affect the areas that you apply the cream.

Related Questions

Will CBD Oil Sedate Me?

No. However, it’s often used to help people sleep better at night since it promotes relaxation. There are no CBD products currently on the market that will cause you to feel drowsy or sedated, which is why CBD oil can also be used during the day. To learn more, click here to read my article can CBD make you tired?

Are CBD Gummies Fast-Acting?

CBD gummies are considered edibles, which means they will begin to take effect within one to two hours. Basically, this is not the right CBD product if you’re searching for immediate relief. However, for mild pain, the ongoing treatment of depression, or mild conditions, edibles can be a great, safe option.

Can CBD Upset My Stomach?

CBD products can cause unwanted side effects if you use too much, or if you begin with a dose that’s too high for you. In some cases, it can cause an upset stomach if it’s used incorrectly. Because of this, I recommend starting off with a lower dosage when you first begin to take CBD. You can gradually increase the dose over a period of several days until you achieve the desired results. Often, when you start off with a lower dosage, you will not feel any side effects. If you’re not sure what dose to begin with, speak with your primary care physician before you take your first dose.

Final Thoughts

What CBD product is best for me? This will depend on why you need CBD and how you plan to use it. If you have a chronic condition and you’re in need of all-day relief, a product that lasts longer will be the best choice. If you suffer from migraine headaches, muscle spasms, or joint pain that comes and goes, then a faster-acting product is a must. Choose the right type of CBD product based on your specific needs whether you suffer from chronic pain, depression, nausea, chronic cluster headaches, or insomnia. Once you’ve learned how these different products work you should have no problem finding one that will meet your needs.