Do you usually find yourself struggling to make it through the day? Have you experienced a dip in your performance in the workplace? Many of us are guilty of overdoing it and not getting enough sleep at night. As you know, a lack of sleep will not only have an impact on our performance at work, it can also impact our mood, our weight, and our energy levels. If you’re having a hard time a work or trouble getting things done around the home, then searching for a way to naturally increase your energy can do wonders for your productivity. Research is now showing us that terpenes may be the solution and a much gentler and safer alternative to caffeine consumption.

The aromatic hydrocarbon molecules known as terpenes are found within many types of plants. Terpenes are actually what give plants their signature smell and they have recently become more popular since people have learned that using terpenes can boost the effectiveness of cannabis, aromatherapy, and even the best CBD drops. But not all terpenes are used to manage pain, stress, or anxiety. In fact, terpenes can be used to boost your energy on those days when you’re feeling sluggish. But what terpenes give you energy and how do they work?

What terpenes give you energy? The best terpenes to use for a natural energy boost include:

  • Alpha pinene
  • Beta pinene
  • Limonene
  • Camphor
  • Gamma

These terpenes can help to increase your energy levels, naturally, unlike energy drinks or coffee. Instead of feeling jittery, many of these terpenes will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and focused. Additionally, unlike caffeine loaded beverages, they can be used any time of the day or night and will not have a negative impact on your sleep cycle.

Now that you know there are terpenes out there that can help you make it through your busy workday, read on to learn how terpenes work and how you can use them to naturally increase your energy.

Terpenes Can Be the Answer You’ve Been Looking for

We all have trouble waking up in the morning, especially after pulling an extra shift or working out, but many of us are already aware that caffeine can wreak havoc on the digestive system, yet we continue to rely on energy drinks and coffee. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the many benefits that terpenes have to offer, how they work, or even what they are.

Terpenes in Everyday Life

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There are over 200 different types of terpenes that are found in the cannabis plant alone, however, hundreds of terpenes are found in common plants as well. Terpenes are non-psychoactive, just like CBD-based products. Terpene profiles can provide a variety of health benefits, based on the type of terpenes and how they’re used. Many terpenes are commonly used to help manage pain, stress, depression, inflammation, and anxiety. Yet, there are also many different types of terpenes that can be used when you’re experiencing a lack of energy or you’re having trouble getting going in the morning. These are the terpenes that can help improve mental focus and clarity and can give your body a natural boost of energy. It can also be a great alternative for anyone who is very sensitive to caffeine. When used correctly, you will not feel anxiety or jitteriness, which are common side effects of caffeine.

How Terpenes Affect Us

Terpenes work by binding to the receptors in the brain and stimulate a variety of effects in a manner that’s similar to cannabinoids. Terpenes are commonly added to cannabis strains because research has shown us that they can have a major positive impact on the type and quality of high a person experiences. Basically, the terpenes will enhance the strength and effects of cannabis.

However, you don’t have to smoke cannabis to use terpenes. As I mentioned, terpenes can be used to give you a natural energy boost. But what type of terpenes can help to boost energy levels?

Currently, there are many studies that are ongoing that are dedicated to learning more about the effects of terpenes on energy, what terpenes are good for anxiety, disease treatment, and even mental health. More research is needed in order for us to truly understand how terpene use can affect us in the long-term.

Terpenes that Pack a Punch

For most people, there’s no better way to start off the day than with a large cup of hot coffee. But for anyone that is overly sensitive to caffeine, or people with acid reflux, or irritable bowel syndrome, then coffee, or any other type of drink that’s loaded with caffeine can make matters worse.

It’s common to experience low energy levels from time to time. Unfortunately, these phases of low energy tend to hit you when you need energy the most. When you’re lacking energy, you’re also lacking the motivation to get the job done. While it’s fine to veg out on the couch from time to time and just relax and recoup, there are times when you need a natural energy boost, such as when you’re at the office, or when you’re studying for a big exam. As I mentioned, terpenes can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including insomnia, depression, and anxiety, but they can also be used to boost energy. If you’re tired of energy drinks leaving you feeling drained and exhausted then terpene use can be a better and safer alternative.

Below, I’ve included a list of the top 5 terpenes that you can use when your energy stores are feeling a little low.


This is a popular type of terpene that features a citrusy scent, with just a hint of lilac. While it’s also known to promote relaxation, it can also give you a nice gentle energy boost that won’t leave you feeling jittery. In fact, many users claim they feel a boost of energy and improved mental focus.


This is a common terpene found in many popular strains of marijuana. It features a very light citrusy scent and can help to boost your energy and elevate your mood. It can also be used to help promote sleep since it’s known for its relaxing properties. This terpene is also commonly prescribed to treat gastric reflux, anxiety disorders, and depression. Considered one of the most widely used terpenes, limonene emits a very strong sweet aroma and is a great choice for people who love tropical fruits. It’s usually found in non-cannabis sources such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. It’s known to naturally boost energy levels, improve mental clarity, and increase mental focus.

Alpha Pinene

The scent of this terpene is described as piney. Natural sources include citrus, cedarwood, and pine. It can be a good terpene to use to simply elevate the mood, but it also provides a boost in energy and mental clarity. Aside from an energy boost, this terpene can also be used to naturally fight infections. It has also been shown to help improve memory, especially when used in smaller doses with essential oils such as sage.


This terpene emits a strong aroma and it’s derived from sagebrush, camphor weed, and pine. If you’re feeling sluggish and you’re looking for the perfect terpene that can improve your mental focus, then beta-pinene is a perfect choice. It’s also commonly used to treat pain and inflammation and works well as a natural mood elevator.


Borneol camphor

This particular terpene has a very distinctive and intense aroma that many people are familiar with. Typically, it reminds people of mothballs. However, the flavor is very unique and pleasant. This terpene is commonly sourced from rosemary and camphor. Aside from increasing your energy, there are a number of other health benefits associated with this terpene.

When inhaled, this terpene can help to improve breathing and relieves congestion. It’s also an excellent stimulant that can help to boost digestion and the metabolism. Additionally, it can also be used as a strong antimicrobial agent and has been used in the past to disinfect drinking water.


With its unique herb and citrusy aroma, this terpene can be a great addition to any aromatherapy session. It offers a gentle increase in mental clarity and mental focus. It’s a great choice if you’re struggling to get going in the morning, however, it will not leave you feeling anxious. Instead, this terpene has a very nice and natural relaxing effect, despite the fact that it does have a reputation for naturally increasing energy levels.

Experimenting with True Terpenes and Terpene Profiles

The term terpene profile refers to a blend of different terpenes in one bottle. True terpenes or terpene isolates consist of one type of terpene only. Other types of terpene combinations, such as the Limoncello Profile, consists of a mixture of terpenes and have a higher true terpene content. In this case, the profile has a higher level of limoncello.  If you’re new to terpene use then you may want to start off by using a lower dose and gradually increase the dosage once you’ve been able to closely monitor how your body responds to terpene use. Whether you decide to go with an isolate or a profile is entirely up to you. I recommend reading my terpene buyer’s guide to learn more about the different types of blends available, and to get an in-depth look at the leading terpene profiles on the market. The guide is designed for beginners in search of terpenes for pain, terpenes for insomnia, and a wide variety of other uses, including terpenes that can naturally boost energy.

Related Questions

Do Terpenes Have Effects?

Yes. Many do. As you have learned in this guide, there are some terpenes that can boost your energy levels, but there are also terpenes for pain that can be used to help chronic pain sufferers or those who are dealing with joint pain due to inflammation. Other terpenes can help you sleep better at night, and some can even help to naturally elevate your mood and can even help to combat anxiety and depression. It will all be a matter of using the right types of terpenes, based on the underlying reason for using them.

Are Terpenes Legal?

They are! The FDA has deemed them safe, so they can legally be sold and purchased in America. Since we’ve learned more concerning how terpenes work and the type of impact they can have on both physical and mental health, the fact that they’re also FDA approved has caused a boom in the industry. These days, you can easily find a wide variety of isolates and profiles available in specialty stores and online.

What Do Terpenes Do In CBD Oil?

As you know, terpenes are what give cannabis it’s very potent aroma. There are certain cannabis terpenes such as pinene and linalool that have a reputation for relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Other terpenes can help to elevate your mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and can even help you to sleep better tonight. When combined with CBD oil, the terpenes work to enhance the effects.

How Do I Use Terpenes?

Terpene profiles and isolates are very concentrated, which can make them dangerous to use straight out of their bottle. Because of this, they must be diluted before use. You can dilute terpenes with concentrates, or carrier oils. If you’re new to terpene use, then you will want to start off using a one percent concentration, then increasing the strength gradually until you’re satisfied with the results.

Final Thoughts

So, what terpenes give you energy? Alpha pinene, beta-pinene, limonene, camphor, and gamma are all terpenes that can provide you with the natural energy boost you need to make it through a busy workday or to help you study for that final exam. Unlike caffeine loaded drinks, these terpenes will not leave you feeling nauseous, jittery, or anxious. They also won’t have a negative impact on your sleep cycle, so they can be taken any time of the night or day.